Any good CD for setting up/positoning a Subwoffer?

Hello fellow Audiogoners,
I'm adding a sub to my Antals to catch whats below 50Hz... any recommendations on good material (i.e. CDs, SACDs DVD-As) for testing placement, crossover frequency, level, etc.? Your help would be much appreciated.
Anything with repetitive low-bass will work. I believe David Ellington from Sumiko uses uses the soundtrack from the movie Sneakers.
Sphile Test CD #3 (or something simliar) and a Rat Shack SPL meter. This disc has tones from 200 hz to 20 hz in 10 second samples that are very good for setting xover and gain for subs.

I have several test discs that are supposed to help with SW setup. They are good to start with, but the result should not be considered final.

Placement is a trial and error game. Play real music.

Regarding crossover frequency, after long experience I have come to the conclusion that the best setting depends on the particular recording, so I now have a crossover where the frequency is easy to adjust, and I feel free to twist that knob. I range from 50 Hz, for chamber music, to 200-400 Hz for organ music. My subwoofer system is a custom design and can handle higher frequencies than is usual. When I increase the frequency I am really transitioning from planar speakers (MG1.6) to cone drivers which have the "punch" and power handling capability needed for some music.
Arni- Before you even start using a cd, 1) get the center of your woofer cone as close as you can to the same distance from your listening position as your mains,and 2) improvise a platform for you sub that will decouple it from the flooring. Yuo'll be surprised at the result!
Try The Raven by Rebecca Pidgeon - the track "Spanish Harlem"

The bass notes should all be of equal loudness.

The fundamentals of the notes are (in Hz)

49 62 73 65 82 98 73 93 110
I have a total hewlett packard pavilion 9600 with XP home ed. I use a subwoofer that I bought with the video soundblaster card. Now my sbuwoffer doesn't work the red light doesn't turn green and once in a great while it comes on loud and clear ! I have checked and cleaned all connections from PC to the unit and the black box and the wall plug. Doyou have nay hints ? Also in a few days I will be replacing MY PC with a brand new system and maybe it will make the subwoffer work ? Is there a way to test my subwoffer ? Also my new monitor an HP vs 19d has monitor mounted speakers and with the volume up to 12 they whisper. Please help, Gino. ANd what A GREAR SITE THIS IS !!!!!!!! i AM not one to surf too much and reading stuff is not my bag but your site is GREAT and I will recommend and return everyday ! Keep up the great work !!!!!!!!!