Any good Audio Stores in San Diego

Anyone know of any good Audio Stores in and around San Diego? Would love to hear some excellent speakers.
Stereo Design in San Diego. My favorite dealer. Look them up on the internet. I go there when visiting my Friend living in San Diego as often as I can. I have been auditioning equipment or purchasing outright from them for decades. The staff is very good and helpful and their used equipment room has excellent equipment. They never try to sell you anything. Just set up the equipment or let you use one of their many equipped rooms and you are on your own. I am often (when interested in purchasing) allowed to "borrow" equipment for in-home auditions for a week or so. As long as the dealer has your credit card information, they should have no problem doing this. Also, I live in Los Angeles. That shows the great relationship that they develop with customers.

Most of my equipment was purchased from there.

Blackbird Audio, owned by Dan Musquiz, is one of the most caring dealers I've encountered in forty years.
Sorry I forgot to mention Peter with PBN audio I purchased some speakers from him and he is a pleasure to deal with along with having many quality components and speakers Makes you feel right at home and is very knowledgeable. Good Luck
Also, I have delt many times with Dan Musquiz when he was with Stereo Design. He is excellent and I highly recommend him.