Any fellow 'Heads out there?

Of course all 'heads are out there! Just wondering if anyone enjoys cranking live Dead throught their system as much as I do. I've digitized all of my Dead and Jerry band (and other) cassette bootlegs for posterity's sake and was interested in finding likeminded folk who might be into trading. Saw my first show in '86 and logged about 70 shows total. How 'bout you?
Saw my first show in the early 70s and used to play the Dead (and Dylan) constantly. I still listen to Dylan A LOT, but haven't listened to the Dead in years! It's a nice sunny day here in suburban Chicago...might be a good time to dust off some Dead.
For me, Watkins Glen July 27, 1973 (the day before, Soundcheck show). Been hooked ever since. I have about 100 shows under my belt, did the whole taper bit, right up till '95. Collected a boatload of memorabilia, shirts, posters, vinyl, all the "Dick's Picks", now getting into the "View From The Vault" series.
I still like getting out my ticket stub/sticker album and looking at it. As a matter of fact, as we speak, I have a DAT of 10/6/84 Charlotte, NC playing :) I'm moving to the 10/31/2000 String Cheese Incident show from Phila. after this one. My username pretty much tells the tale...
You probably know this, but there is a "Dead" tour this summer and for a portion of it they are co-headlining with Dylan. Dylan will do his own set first with his band and then join the Dead for a portion of their set.

Info at the Dead site or

They are officially called the "Dead" now instead of the "Other Ones" or the Grateful Dead.
I think it is an absolute travesty and a bald faced attempt to grab more $$ that they have changed their name to the "Dead". For that reason I will never go see them. I find it deeply offensive and know many that feel the same way.
I'm a long time Dead fan. I ignore them for years at a time, but somehow they just keep sneaking back onto my stereo. In case you don't know, there's a huge archive of live Dead and related shows available for free download at .

These are compressed WAV files, not MP3s. Many as good or better than the Dick's Pick series in terms of both performance and fidelity. You do need high bandwidth internet access to make the download time worthwhile. You'll need to get some software to do the FTP download and the expansion program. Fortunately it's free with great instructions at
i got about 800 cds (@ 400 shows or so) that make their way into the rig on a regular basis...

the local pacifica radio on FM does a dead set every week---which goes straight into my collection. its the only redeeming quality about living in houston tx.
I dunno, it MIGHT have been me. You know what they say: "if you can remember it, you weren't there".