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anyone know how to get Townshend Audio replacement parts?
hells bells, sue just phoned. ---she needs better cell phone service!  (love those townshend outriggers)  
Silversmith Fidelium Speaker Cables
i just have to chime in that while the cables didn't work with my amp (Luxman M900 U---either the binding posts were too oddly shaped OR the amp didn't like the inductance), Jeff Smith turned out to be everything an audiophile could hope for. des... 
ARC Ref 3 - thoughts?
the 5se offered better leading edge, bass articulation and depth. if you dont want to spend the $, buy upgraded fuse & power cord. and footers. ---there's lots of improvement just there (and portable to the 5se at a later date) 
Jays Audio CDT2-MK2 - info needed
alvin, what about the cd3 mk2---i recall it was best to turn off for a spell within 24 hours? or is that not the case? 
What amp is best with Wilson Sasha DAW speakers
not at all. i think you should audition both, and decide if the differences which may (or may not) favor tubes are such that its worth the additional hassle that WILL come with dealing with tubes (particularly tube amps; preamps are low maintenanc... 
What amp is best with Wilson Sasha DAW speakers
tubes: ARC gear is great. and you'll have to deal w tubes (ugh)solid state: Luxman C/M900 series are a must audition. worked magic w/ Sasha 2s and never ever fatiguing. end game SS gear.  
High Fidelity Cables MC 1-PRO
appreciate Pete's comments but my counterpoints:yday i demo'd the Synergistic UEF 12S vs the PS P-10 (which i own, all front end gear on it; amp hates it). while the 2 units have respective merits, what i found interesting was that in all cases th... 
TV gives me a headache when its on; any suggestions?
95% of the time i watch tv its for sports and i dont need sound for that...ergo the tv & stereo at the same time.IME of late, moving the TV et al to a diff circuit breaker has made a startling improvement. YMMV 
TV gives me a headache when its on; any suggestions?
just fyi everyone.i've a new apartment, and the tv and stereo (and several other lights, incl fluorescents and fans / dimmer switches) are all on the same breaker (15a). the tv had an iso-tranny (1kva) but that clearly wasn't enough.things improve... 
David Crosby If Only I Could Remember My Name
cd is OK quality, but musically? ---easy to argue its better than anything CSN(y) did. what a record. and that pic of him w/ the red background staring into the camera? ---if you needed foreshadowing of him getting busted for drugs, that pic was it.  
Who listens primarily to Redbook CD?
thats one of the top reasons: collection on display.if not from the personal satisfaction i get from seeing my virtually complete May 77 grateful dead catalog, then it comes from when i (as a single man) have women over and ask them to pick out so... 
Grateful Dead May 77 Box Set Announced
Happy Barton Hall Day! 
Grateful Dead May 77 Box Set Announced
got mine todayfirst was 5/9/77. Help>Slip>Franklin, best i ever heard. sonics are incredible. mastering is A+. packaging is the stupidest sh&t i've ever seen. can't fit in my cd rack, any of them. and i know i wont be reading the book on... 
Passive high pass filter - Marchand XM446XLR-A
drop me a note if you'd like to experiment - i have a marchand that didn't leave when i sold my subs. 
Grateful Dead May 77 Box Set Announced
sorry. i meant 5/11/78. springfield MO