Any David Arkenstone fans?

Stand up and be counted! There must be one or two of you out there.

I have everything that he has ever recorded. His best material, IMO, was when he was with the Narada label; solos, collaborations, Christmas and of course, Troika.

He has only received one Grammy Award in almost 20 years of professional recording for "Citizen Of Time".

His latest, "Myths and Legends" takes me back his lush and quite often involving compositions of the heady Narada Daze (grin).

Someone, anyone?


Big time Arkenstone fan! Only problem is tha I can;t find aything of his on vinyl!
He is on the first three of the seven total DCC New Age Omni cd's that were being auctioned here in the music section, listed in the "other" category, from Better Records. I don't see them listed now. You may want to check them out. Many different artists with excellent sonics. I got them all for $32 plus $10 shipping.