Any Audio Enthusiasts in Tucson?

Hi, I recently moved to NW Tucson, AZ, and was wondering if there is a local audiophile club or anyone from the Tucson/Oro Valley area who might like to either start a club or just correspond and compare notes. I know there is an Audio Society in Phoenix, but their meetings are a bit of a drive for me and they seem to be held at inconvenient times.

If there are any interested 'philes in the Tucson vicinity who'd like to exchange philosophies and ideas, I invite you to write me and get the ball rolling. If there is enough interest then perhaps we could start our own club.


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Gee, I’m only 20 years late to this post. Would be nice to have an audio club in tucson

Hi tzumwalde1,

I've met a few audio guys through this post and have made a couple of good friends in the area. But so far, I haven't been able to organize anything resembling an audio club. A lot of the people seem to share the interest, but when it comes to scheduling a regular time to meet, they're all over the map.

If you're serious about actually organizing a club or if you just want to get together and compare notes sometime then shoot me an e-mail and we can discuss it.

Thanks for your response.

I would be interested in joining or setting up a club. I have lived in Tucson 12 years and recently became an audio nut.
Hi everyone -- I'll join Bruce in adding myself to your list. I also know of about 3 or 4 others you haven't heard from. Please let me know if you decide to get together and I'll give you their email addresses as well.

Hey Guys,
I'm interested in joining (2 years after everybody's last post) - did anybody ever meet or create a club? Let me know! - Bruce
It sounds like that makes three. I live up in the Northwest. There may be two others at work who might be interested which would make five and I know of a couple others (one plays in the Tucson Symphoy Orchestra we could call.
I live in Tucson, near Davis Monthan AF base.
It'd be great if we could get a local club started.
Hi Morasp,

Thanks for replying. I've been in Tucson about 2 weeks, but have been an audiophile for decades. Presently I have Audio Physic Virgo II speakers with a Paradigm servo-15 sub, Monarchy Audio SE-180 hybrid amps, Parasound series 2000 preamp and transport, Boulder-modified ART/DIO, and Michell Orbe SE and Gyro SE turntables, plus a few R2R tape machines. I just broke the turntables out of their boxes yesterday, and I'm setting them up. I don't have as much room in my new listening room though, so I may have to sell the Gyro due to space constraints.

I also use some Magic One interconnects in my system and like them very much. If you want to get together sometime that might be fun. I've always liked the Newforms and have used many planar and electrostatic speaker systems over the years.

I invite you to write me privately, to continue this discussion, if you like. :)
I live in tucson and might be interested. Here is my system.

Linn Genki -> mapleshade excalibur+ -> modified SCE HRS ->
mapleshade excalibur+ -> Placette Passive -> harmonic Tech Magic Link -> Modified Bel Canto Evo 200.2s -> Analysis Plus Oval nines -> modified newform research R645's

ACI Titan II LE sitting on Ceraballs

How long have your been in Tucson?