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Suggestions for next upgrade...
I would try an isolation paltform from Silent Running Audio under the Odyssey. You didnt' mention price but you can get the tremor/less for $300 or less or the VR 3.0 for around $500. The bass and midrange should both benefit. I started with the T... 
Want to add more airy, liquid high for my system
Put some ZCable products into the system and you won't think about the sound in terms of frequency bands but rather in terms of the whole. The IC, Z-SLEEVE, and speaker cables are outstanding. 
What integrated amp under a grand is your favorite
Panasonic SA XR45 all digital 
Zcable Cyclone: Any users?
I'm hoping to get one soon in 2 weeks along with the hurrciane. I have high expectations. There is a review on 
Shunyata Hydra
Balekan, thanks for the input. I recently saw that ZCables is packaging the BPT with their power conditioning sleeves. I may investigate that one based on your comments. I tried both the hydra and PS Audio and both made my system sound different b... 
Power cables, I need help
My top cords are TG Audio, Elrod, and Harmonix. I don't have dedicated lines but plan to. I do have good sounding cheap PLCs for digital, and analog. Good duplex outlets are important as well, I've been using the Pass and Seymour model. Probably a... 
Tucson, AZ?
I think there were some guys trying to start one here in Tucson. Never heard if it got going or not. 
Elrod Signature or Statement
Just curios if your results match the ETM review of the statements. He indicated that the statement power cords made the ICs used less critical. Can you hear big differences in the Siltech and Pure Note ICs with the statements in your system? 
Spiking a Velodyne HGS18 II
Had good luck with ceraballs under my tital II LE. Seems to integrate much better witht them. 
Which amp is best to drive Magneplanar 1.6's?
I would definitely give the Odyssey stratos stereo or monos a listen. They are high current for those power hungry Maggies and they are very musical. The tonal balance should be just right with the quasi ribbon of the 1.6. 
Use of Digital Amps: Need serious help
I didn't realize that Spectron had released the digital input option. They have been talking about it for quite a while. They do have remote sense speaker cables that a lot of people like. Spectron was working on speakers that had a digital amp fo... 
what are you listening to lately?
Really like the SAILING TO PHILADELPHIA especially in HDCD. Your don't see too many HDCD anymore but I just picked one up called ALONG THE WAY by Brian Hughes. It's kind of smooth jazz but has a lot more swing than the elevator variety and the sou... 
Any Audio Enthusiasts in Tucson?
It sounds like that makes three. I live up in the Northwest. There may be two others at work who might be interested which would make five and I know of a couple others (one plays in the Tucson Symphoy Orchestra we could call. 
What tweak, what to do?
The first thing I would try is Ceraball isolation devices. Buy at least 2 from music direct for $100 each with a 30 day return policy. These thins work under anything including speakers and subwoofers. If you have a PLC try them under that as well... 
Cable Influences: IC SpeakerCables Power Cord?
Good post KF. I would agree with that and also add that effective vibration control will let you hear things that you will not even with the most expensive cables. I am playing with the Ceraball isolation devices and the improvement is the type wh...