Antipodes CX + EX as Server plus Renderer

Here is a review from Christiaan Punter of that addresses not only sound quality and performance, but importantly also discusses Ethernet vs. USB, cable burn in, and other computer audio / digital related issues.

The review is divided into three parts, plus a link to the original EX review (as a solo unit serving as core and renderer). All three sections as well as the original review are worth a read.
I really like Antipodes products. Last year, I had a DX2 and recently got an EX. Both are amazing sounding pieces of equipment. 

I’d like to add the CX to see how that affects the sound quality. 
@jayrossi13 , are you running the DX or EX as a server then the other as the renderer or simply running them as stand-alone devices?

I own a DX Gen3 and have tried it both alone and with a remote renderer including the Metrum Amber and the SOtM triad (I.e., sMS-200ultra, tX-USBultra, and sPS-500).  Of the three options, I like the sound with the separate renderer better than as a one-box solution, and I like the SOtM triad better than the Amber, to a small extent.

I recently asked Antipodes their opinion as to the sound quality of the DX with a separate renderer compared to the CX with a separate renderer, and what they think of the DX/EX combination, i.e., should I add an EX?  It is their opinion my separating the server and renderer apps does indeed improve SQ but the highest SQ option using the DX would be to buy a CX and use that as the server then use the DX as the renderer.  

Seems there is always something new to buy.  It is amazing how far computer-based audio has come in just a few years.  I thought the DX was the best sounding digital I had heard.  Two upgrades and a separate renderer later and things are still improving.  Good thing the DX/SOtM combo sounds so good.....I think I am pretty close to the point of diminishing returns so will hold for now.

Hi Mitch,

I sold the DX last year and just got the EX a couple weeks ago.

I'm currently running the EX as both server and renderer. I have a really streamlined system that consists of just two components: Vinnie Rossi LIO DHT w/integrated DAC and the Antipodes EX. 

I love the simplicity and it sounds really amazing.