Anthem D2--Audiophile Opinions

Over at they rave about this unit's Audio DAC. Has anyone hereabouts compared this to our really high-end units?

Comments on both 5.1 and two-channel are appreciated. Terms like 'musicality' 'warmpth' and 'analytic' are welcome.
The video guys are gaga over this unit.
If you compare the 2 and 5.1 to the Theta Casablanca, no contest.
High end 2 channel of the Theta is not as good as high end preamps and amp combo. In my case the ASR or the ML33 combo beat the Theta .

If you need both 5.1 and 2 channel go Theta.
Otherwise stick to 2 channel for 2 channel and go multi in a separate system.
Good luck,
I use an old Anthem DSP for both 2 and 5.1 - it seems to be a good solid product and great value. Remember the purists will always shun 5.1 systems! As long as you can accept to have criticism from two channel purists and ignore the doubt that it creates then I think you can probably do very well with this DSP for both 2 channel and 5.1 use.

It may not be as perfectly isolated or as perfect channel separation as a dedicated two channel box with no other connections except analog two channel...but frankly I doubt you are getting much extra noise floor compared to the majority of recordings and you stand to gain enormously in convenience and the electronics/DAC are technically as good as most two channel competition (hence the rave reviews).
I would agree with Ruryboogie on this.
I own the Theta CB3 w/extreme Dacs as well as their Six shooter for my analog preamp. I have integrated my 2channel via the six shooter (turntable only) and its very good but if you want a high end 2 channel system then keep them separate. IMO

The Theta products do a great job especially for digital using their high end extreme dacs. Check out their Gen VIII 2channel processor. If youÂ’re really into 2 channel their are other products that do a better job and are made for just 2 channel.