Amp Selection Assistance Needed

I am looking for a ~200 WPC two channel amplifier to upgrade the two channel performance of my HT system. The speakers are B&W N204s, Arcam FMJ 23T CD player, Rotel preamp (2 channel pass-through).

I have been considering McCormack DNA 225/DNA 1, Classe 200/201, Bryston 4BST/SST. While I will perform my own auditioning, I would appreciate your comments on your experiences with, and the merits of the amps mentioned above.


I own 2 McCormack DNA 0.5's that were
modified by Steve McCormack to what he
calls Rev "B". These mods are serious.
I know nothing of the other amps but
it seems to me that if you bought a McCormack
you would have the option of upgrading and
still hang on to your original equipment
and investment.
Before you make a decision I suggest
contacting SMc Audio.
phone 760 732 0352
Good luck
All 3 of your choices will sound grand with your N804's!

(B&W hasn't re-introduced the 200 series in a Nautilus version?)

There are plenty of old threads on Agon asking about N804 & Amp. matching.

Good Luck!
I've listened to N804 driven by a dna-2 delux extensively. great match! b&w speakers tend to sound very warm/lush and the mccormacks neutral-lean sound is a great balance. also great soundstage.
Yet another piece of, hopefully good advice. The Belles amplifiers are way, way underpriced for what they provide. The website is not sexy, and the almost two color version of it doesn't help in terms of marketing, but it is enough to know that the amps offer the full of shades of all the musical colors, more than making up for that. HA! Really, they make good music for the money, offering terrific bass, and great bass control. The 150, 150A, I think, and the 350 are all remarkably good buys. These are handwired as I recall, and matched by hand by Mr. Belles himself. If you can get your hands on one to audition(the factory if you have no local dealer, will help you there) with the B&W's that would be a way to start. The(I think someone said this already) B&W's are a little slower sounding in the midbass, but have very good dynamics. The great pitch control that the Belles offers in the bass would help to ameloriate this and really show off your speakers. Plus Dave Belles is a great man to work with, really top notch!
Good luck and listening.
Back when I had N804s, I got an old McIntosh 2125 (great deal) and the sound was suddenly remarkable, making my Krell KSA100 sound just too closed-up. Since then I sold all of them but before that, I tried the Bryston 4B (the previous one to the SST) and liked the Mc a little better. The classe CA150 was very nice but had something missing in the "feeling". McIntosh (now MC7100) is really the one I favored most with my 804s. I favor it the most with my current Paradigm 100.2s as well. I haven't tried McCormack yet (besides auditions) but it is next on the list. Good luck! Arthur
I have the N804s as well and they are terrific with the Belles 350A.
I have them now as my side channels for HT and use an older Belles design from Magnum Dynalabs called the OCM 200.
The OCM 200 is bridged to produce 400 watts and sound great with the N804s... better than the stereo OCM 800 to my ears but not as nice as the 350A ... when you use bridged 350A monblocks ... WOW!

More power makes a difference.