Amp / preamp for macintosh xt50

Hello guys ..
I recently buy the xr50 speakers  // small room .
What is your recommendation for amp &  pre ? 
Budget under 4k 
In that price range, a McIntosh Integrated would be perfect.  You won’t get much in separates for $3-4K, especially if you want McIntosh. 
@stereo5   thank you ..
I do not want mcintosh gears .. what else brands might work good with the XR 50 ? 
Those speakers are a 81db low efficient speaker. You will need a power amp capable to drive them. The Van Alstine Vision Set 400 (225 watts) will do the trick. Match that with a Van Alstine preamp and you will be in the ballpark of your $4000 budget!
@yogiboy  thanks man .. 
How about replacing the van alstine preamp with doge 8 clarity preamp ?
You can do that. A tube preamp would be a nice fit. Another nice option for a power amp within your budget is Odyssey Audio!