altec Model 19’s and ss integrated

Hello all,

Recently acquired a mint pair of altec model 19’s. I’m looking for a ss integrated to power them. I already have a fully restored Sansui 1000a tube receiver hooked up to them but I want to move that elsewhere and use a more modern ss integrated. I’ve been looking at modwright, McIntosh and Hegel. I only own old vintage equipment and I would love to try out a nice modern integrated that would jive well with the altecs.

Thanks in advance. 
Congrats on the 19s. I have a pair that I'm currently driving with a VTA ST70. I know you're looking for a SS integrated and I totally get it. I'm just suggesting quality over quantity. You have the freedom to get any size amp you like.

The last SS amp I used with these was a NAD C372 but that was overkill for the Altecs, anything over 70 watts is overkill for the 19s and they weren't that great a match. Pass has some smaller integrated units like the Int-30A and 60A that would probably fit the bill and used are kind of reasonable.

Just a thought...
Hmmm- I'm using a 300B Parallel SET with my Valencia's. Maybe Linear Tube Audio. I believe they are David Berning designs. 
Croft Phono Integrated. Plenty of power but not overkill. It's a hybrid with tubes in the input section. Output stage is Mosfets.
I was looking at a Vincent sv-800 hybrid also. Class a selectable. I find out they’re made in China and it turned me off. 
Kind of old school that way. Thanks for your suggestions. I’m kinda leaning towards a mc5200. 100wpc. Mc sound and if I dont like it I can recoup my money. 

The 100wpc McIntosh MA5200 won't give you the classic McIntosh house sound.  That model does not use the output transformers which gives that classic sound.
The Croft is really nice, I agree with helomech. I've not tried mine with my Altec's, but it is quite nice with my Harbeth P3's. You don't like the Linear Tube Audio thought... 
It doesn't use the autoformers but I've heard it's still pretty Mc sounding. 
I haven't heard one but if you have then I trust your opinion. I could go the 2105 amp with mx110z pre route. I'm trying to keep under 4k. 
The croft is intriguing. I've been doing some reading up on it. The sansui 1000a has around 40-50wpc of tube power. It's very powerful. I just wonder what 100-200wpc of these new ss integrated would sound like. 
I might stay with tubes. These 19's replaced the lascalas and I must say that there's no comparison. These speakers really put a smile on my face. The best vintage speakers I've ever owned. They beat my jbl l300's- my 2nd favorite pair.
​Lucky you. My Altec 19’s are long gone due to relocation/downsizing and I miss them to this day... I started using them with SS because it was all I had at the time but like a lot of other owners, transitioned to tubes after a while.
In hindsight there's a few low-power SS amplifiers I would have loved to try out with the Altecs: the Sugden A21, a Luxman or Accuphase class-A integrated, the Pass INT-30... or for much less money, a Clones Audio 25iR that recently left me speechless with its clarity and soundstaging abilities.
However if I had the 19's again I would definitely be looking for a EL84 integrated: something like a Leben CS300, an Audio Note Oto SE or a Triode Labs/Finale integrated. An Almarro A205A would also be an interesting, cheaper option.
And last but not least, thanks to their >99dB sensitivity you have the whole world of flea-powered SETs at your disposal... but that's a slippery slope indeed!

Excellent thoughts lanvz. I’m actually starting to lean towards a pure class A 
integrated like luxman or pass. I think I’m starting to narrow down finally. 
Thank you all for your experience and input.