All Rega system

Thinking of building a system of all Rega electronics as I am on a budget of about $2500.00 for the entire system. I read good reviews of their CD players and Int. amps but do not know much of their loudspeakers. Buying all components from one manufacturer seems like a "synergistically" good idea to me. Any feedback?
I was in a similar situation a couple of years ago and decided to build an all Rega system starting with a Brio, Planet 2000 and Jura speakers. I bought these without ever listening to them first, and two years later, and after an upgrade to a Mira3 integrated amp (? the Brio sounds very good too), I am very happy with the sound. WRT speakers, the Jura's, to me, have a nice bottom end and have a fairly evenly distributed sound across from high to low - might be a little on the bright side, and could be a little heavy, but sound pretty good to me. Before the switch to the Rega, I ran an old Arcam system (Arcam Alpha 8 integrated and Alpha Alpha 7se CD with B&W 602's - the Jura's are much much better than the 602s IMHO) that also sounded good to me - I was able to get the two Arcam components used for a very reasonable price < $600. To me, and I'm no expert, the Arcam sounded a little more dynamic (hard to describe) than my current Rega system, and the Rega more precise with drums and percussion voiced really good giving it a more lively sound. Tough choices, but both sounded good to me.
Great stuff. I really love the new R series speakers in particular. If you can afford to add a pair of R 5's to your all Rega system ($1100) without shorting yourself on the quality of the other components you are likely to be very happy.
I loved my rega system, I had the original Ela (small) speakers for over 10 years and never got tired of them. They were especialy nice because I had small rooms to work with and they love to be up against the wall. I bought an original Planet and had it for several years as well. You can still get a pair of the original Ela's on Audiogon every once and a while for about $300 a super bargain in my view.
My first system was also all Rega - Brio amp, Planet CDP, and Jura Speakers. Very simple, and made good music for < $3k. From my experience this is a good choice - it seems that Rega products are almost intended to use together. Synergy.
I have an older (clamshell) all-Rega system, and it has brought me more joy than any system I have assembled. System synergy is the key here, and I guess I like the Rega "house sound" more than Naim, Linn, various tubes, etc. Definitely greater than the sum-of-its-parts.
my 1st system was all Rega and it sounded great! their small speakers are better than their big speakers, though. at least, that's how it was with their last line, comparing the small Aras with the larger Juras.

their small speakers are amazingly good and i don't understand why they aren't talked about more.
Sounds good to me.
All Rega products are good to great sounding. I have owned their turntables, CD players, and speakers.
Great VFM.