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Room treatment dealer?
It was GIK....Thanks guys. You have got to love this hobby! 
Room treatment dealer?
I don't know... is SAL still on Agon? Does he have a web site? Let me know, I am looking looking to buy 3 more of his wall panels, I would like to get the same as before.MJW55 
What was your biggest vinyl surprise for $.99
I got an unplayed Bob Dylan Biograph box set at a garage sale for $1, a great deal on some great music. 
Spelunking for old vinyl at the thrift shops
Check out garage sales as well...I've found some gems at these, usually for less than a dollar per record. Most people at garage sales can't be bothered with anything other than furniture and tools. No need to get up at the crack of dawn on Saturd... 
30 Years, 5 Cities, Many Storms - Not One Failure
Luck is a good thing to have!!! 
Is analog & vinyl anoying? Is it worht it.
I have to agree the "lazyness factor" is a big part of why I play CD's 3 to one over vinyl...but when you're in the mood for vinyl... it's a great experience. Having an analog and a CD set up, that I really enjoy, is the key to audiophile happines... 
Small bookshelfs that reach 42 hz
The Dynaudio Special 25's go to 30hz according to the manufacturer and 25hz according to Stereophile magazines' testing. The SE 1.3 Specials are a bargain at less than $2k used. Check it out. I'm not selling any but, I do own the Special 25's and ... 
Shipping Large Amp across Canadian Border?
The big problem is VAT...this is what slows the process up BIG TIME! I've done lots of deals with Canadian buyers, and always, they have to have me declare a value of $100 or less and state that the item is used and not for re-sale. This is true e... 
cartridge for Nottingham spacedeck / spacearm ho
I've had good luck with the Dynavector line, I'm using the 20x5 now with my Nottingham and like it a lot. 
Yahoo transaction? Western Union? Or just scam
All 3rd party transactions sound fishy to me! I came VERY close to getting burned on an eBay deal via a 3rd party it turned out to be a SCAM big time! Hope this helps, and be carefull. 
What Turntable to Buy
I have to agree with Audiofeil ...you can get a great Nottingham Innerspace or Space Deck used and be blown away by the performance and simplicity of these TT's. 
rowland 102 reviews? ice powered
102 - 201... hey 5 out of 4 of us are dislecsic... 
rowland 102 reviews? ice powered
Didn't TAS do a piece on class D power amp last month? 
Which CD Players?
The Musical Fidelity A3.2 is a very nice SS cdp that is available on Agon for around $700...match it up with a MF Vx10 Tube Buffer and you got, the best of both worlds for around $1000 IMHO!Enjoy 
Your top 3 comedians
Will Durst (SF Based political comedian)Jon StewartJonny Carson