Adding headphone amp with no fixed out (preamp)

My new linestage is coming today and I’m excited. They also make a highly regarded headphone amp but it seems like there’s no way to run both without having to unplug the sources and plug them into the opposing amps.

Am I wrong or is my ignorance in headphone setups showing? Ideally, I’d like to just route the signal to a headphone amp and then listen.


A lot of head amps sport a Through out switch which cuts the head amp and you can listen to the other thing you want to listen to.

Would help a lot if you’d just tell us what preamp you bought so we can see the available connections.  Usually hooking up a headphone amp isn’t a problem, especially if the manufacturer makes both preamps and headphone amps. 


Denafrips Athena. Was pondering an Artemis (though may not want to spend that much).