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Reaching out to owners of Accuphase amps and integrateds, and also digital components. Do you, or have you ever, tried to swap out the fuses with aftermarket fuses? I don't yet own Accuphase but am thinking about going that route. I see many photos online of the interior of Accuphase gear, but I see no obvious fuse holders. In fact, it looks like you would have to remove things in order to get in the vicinity of the power inlet. Which I am not about to do. If the fuses are inaccessible, that would almost be a relief. One less tweak to be done with. ;-)





I enjoy a stock PC on my DP-65v reference player. Stock fuse as well. The sound is rich and golden in tone. It would be of interest to learn more about Accuphase interconnect (IC).


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I have never used the stock powercord on my Accuphase so cant say stock it better. Maybe I will have to try and see. 


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i just Installed the SR Purple fuse on my E-270 but I'm not sure if the direction is correct. Somewhere in this forum I found a while ago a user that posted a picture of his fuse on the fuse holder that looked like the direction of the SR letters on the fuse followed the direction of the fuse holder contact points labeled FH1 and FH2. the S was on the FH1 side and the R was on the FH2 side. 
Is this the way you have it installed? 

Thank you so much

Per SR in an email regarding directionality they recommend trying both direction to see which direction sounds best in your application.