I heard the Accuphase DP85 and it sounded very syrupy. While I am a dealer for other products, I was considering taking Accuphase on specifically because of their release of an SACD player, but I was extremely disappointed.
the accuphase 100/101 combo is better sonically on both redbook and sacd than the dp-85. neither is "syrupy," as the above AUDIO DEALER suggests. JTINN sells a competing brand of digital gear, so he invariably finds something negative to say about accuphase. my guess is that he was nixed as an accuphase dealer and, thus, freely hands out his sour grapes. -cfb
When you reach these price points it becomes what sounds best to the listener.All pieces mentioned are top notch and let your ears be the judge.
OUCH! Wasn't that just a little harsh cfb? Jtinn did say he is a dealer of competing products. Not really like you to make personal attacks (you guys have a thing going?). Your comment on the 2 Accuphase pieces, which you know well from personal experience, was certainly useful for the poster.

Anyway, Sattothestars is right, beauty is in the ears of the listener.
Geez, Kelly, I don't see Jtinn trying to do anything other than state his opinion, kind of like you frequently do with Accuphase ,Avalon and Boulder, sold by your admitted good friend and AUDIO DEALER in Denver. If the guy heard the product, he's entitled to an opinion, just as you are and frequently express. Live and let live, or, shill and let shill. Can't we all just get along? :-) BTW, I lived with the dCS gear and have heard the 100/101, and thought the Accuphase was more musical and full bodied with great detail. The dCS was a tad threadbare in the mids and edgy in the highs for my taste, and I preferred the Accuphase, I thought it was tremendous. I've not heard the DP-85 other than briefly and ergo don't feel qualified to comment.
Kelly: First off, I do not sell a competing brand of SACD equipment. What I stated is my opinion and how I heard it.

Your guess is wrong about me being nixed as an Accuphase dealer. I never pursued the product because I do not like it. I think they make fine amplifiers, but their SACD gear leaves a lot to be desired (IMHO). Where you come up with this hyperbole is a complete mystery to me. Are you just making it up as you go?

If you want to make a personal opinion on the product, fine, but please do not personally attack me or my credibility. It shows poorly on you.

If you want to question my ears, look in the upcoming Stereophile and The Absolute Sound where most of the reviewers clearly picked the room I personally put together, where I hand picked each product, as the best sound ever heard at any show much if not anywhere else.

Kelly, are you affiliated in the audio business in any way... investment, do you represent, etc.?

My cards are on the tables, how about yours?

Hi Cornfedboy,

Rather than attack JTinn's opinion you have called him a liar. No place here for that!

I'm certain that you weren't intending to liable him. Right?

Clearly you feel his opinion is wrong, stupid, ill guided or malicious. But, unless you know him to be a liar, bad idea to be making such accusations.

I have respect for both of you and wish to continue to do so.

I know that you're a lawyer and you know I'm an actuary, so accept my apologies for giving you legal advice.

Best wishes,

Bill E.
jtinn has offered a lot of good (and free!) advice to me and others on this board. he regularly endorses products he doesn't sell and is pretty objective about those he does. lighten up, CFB.
I do not post on this board but I do enjoy reading the threads. I do not understand the hostility towards JTinn. I have spoken with him on numerous occasions and found him to be nothing but a gentleman. I have asked his opinions of brands that he carries and of those he does not. He has often times made recommendations of gear he likes but does not represent. I have never felt like he was steering me towards a certain brand because he carries it. I personally respect his opinion over most I read on this board. This is suppose to be entertaining and educational. I think many have forgotten this.
let us not get personal. why has the dp85 not attracted any attention as the separates combo,it is a newer model so the innards shud be the same or better than 100/101.does the accuphase convert dsd to pcm before output./sunil
As a dealer I concur that it is important to disclose that status in posts to discussion groups.However, I cannot accept the implication that a dealer's advice should be rejected or deemed unworthy because the dealer may have a financial interest in some of the recommended products.As a practicing Attorney for the past 24 years I frequently advise clients to take actions that may benefit me financially , to wit: legal fees resulting from a recommended course of action.The same is true of surgeons,
tax planners, mechanics and countless others .The key is to find someone trustworthy and then rely upon their opinion coupled with independent analysis and common sense.
BTW- I auditioned the Accuphase DP-75V with the thought of carrying the line, as well as the dCS Purcell/Elgar combo and found the dCS far superior to my ears. I found the Accuphase DP-75V to have much of the syrupy sonic signature ascribed by Jtinn to the Accuphase DP-85.For different reasons I sell neither brand and opted to carry the Audio Aero Capitole and GamuT CD-1. Alan
Hey alan,

was wondering if the Audio Aero capitole was doing well on your side of the atlantic ?

Cause the weird thing is its just starting to get known over here in france, its country of origin.

Hey Bad-Lest I be criticized for heaping praise on a product - check out the current issue of the Absolute Sound #135-page 41 for Jon Valin's comments on the Rockport/Tenor system with the Capitole front end (pictured on the stand).Much of the credit should go to the French made Capitole player.
Regards. Alan
Audio_tweakers: Were you at the show? Did we meet? While I love the Audio Aero Capitole, your statement of "Much of the credit should go to the French made Capitole player" is a bit exaggerated. I think it played as important a role as the Tenor amps, the Jena Labs cables and the Hyperions. I carefully selected each peice to be used and they all are exceptional.

Best Regards,