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Accuphase or Esoteric?
I have owned Accuphase CD players (DP-85, DP-700) and Esoteric player (K01) and its not even close.If you have ever owned an Accuphase, nothing really matches that *sound*, Esoteric included.And I'm sorry but the Accuphase transport is a knife thr... 
Jeff Rowland Aeris DAC : my experience
The article was on Wizard High-End Audio Blog.I say "was" because it seems the author has removed it. Its still in my RSS reader cache though.Ive always had a hard time knowing with Jeff Rowland how much is real product design and what is marketin... 
Jeff Rowland Aeris DAC : my experience
I read an article which slammed the Corus Linestage for being a terribly built product and basically a marketing sham.Lundahl Line transformers used to make a balanced design and a cheap PSU. Just saying :) 
Bow Technologies ZZ8 DAC, Impressions ?
Would love your review :) 
Playback mpd3
Add another disappointed PD customer. Used to own the MPS5 and transport was noisy as hell.To their credit, they did inspect it by an engineer in Germany (twice with no resolution), but for me the MPS5 was a failed design: the outer casing is way ... 
Review: Wadia S7i ( an extreme upgrade ) CD Player
Love my Wadia S7i GNSC. I use it as a DAC mostly, and use my Linn CD12 as a player/transport.Wadia was my first high end audio equipment 10 years ago, Wadia 860. I liked it at the time but i had no other reference so i sold it quickly to experienc... 
Luxman vs. Accuphase
Hi,i compared at my local dealer the Luxman 590AII, top of the range Class A, with the lower range Accuphase E250, not class A.No contest, the Accuphase won hands down. The Luxman sounded sterile, dead. All the emotion of the music was in the Accu... 
The best CD Player for the money
Wadia S7i or Linn CD12. 
Review: Linn Schulte Modified CD12 CD Player
Anyone else done a CD12 upgrade of this nature ?Im contemplating doing it but am a bit weary touching the innards of this classic CD player. 
Dump the Wadia 781?
Wow that is excellent news Talk2me !!!! 
Accuphase voltage conversion 110/120 to 230 VAC
Anyone ? :) 
Esoteric K03
Oh so if i have a problem with my MPS5 i should contact every component manufacturer in the player ? Really ? What kind of logic is that ????Its Playback Designs responsibility to support and all the elements of their product. 
Best Sounding CD / SACD player under 15K
I second the Wadia S7i 
Esoteric K03
Fplanner,you think i just sat on my a$$ complaining for 6 months ? i guess you didn't read my posts. 
Esoteric K03
Well, another person is complaining about transport noise in the "Best Sounding CD / SACD player under 15K" thread.What player ?You guessed it, Esoteric (K01).Never again as far as i am concerned, because even in the most optimist scenario, it sho...