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If you started over what would you do differently?
For me, I would avoid package equipment from the mass manufacturers, read the forums at Audiogon, get an audio guru, learn the difference between open and transparent vs flashy and hot and spend a lot of time listening to live music to know what r... 
How much does your system retail for?
Less than it used to. But, given the room, media and current equipment, more than I'll discuss. 
When will your system be enough?
I just re-read this thread, and now realize that it's best never to say never.Everything is on the table at one time or other. 
Albany NY "Capital District"
Thanks all for the fun afternoon. I really enjoyed listening to other's music and learning about you. And for those I know, it was great to see you. 
Albany NY "Capital District"
Warning to those coming to Saturday's listening session, I have to leave at 3pm for the airport. So, we have to be complete by then. 
Albany NY "Capital District"
If you want to play a piece of gear side by side with mine or another, bring it along if you want. 
How is my loading affecting my sound?
The load is currently at 562 ohms. I'm trying to understand why Dynavector recommends 30 ohms and what 562 ohms will do to the sound. Since I can't change the load myself, how do I know what to change it to? 
how much to $pend to claim i am an audiophile?
I believe the cost is the dues to a "AUDIOPHILE SOCIETY". Then you can assure others that "THEY" have accepted you as an audiophile, and, who could know better than them? 
What will it take to have live music for everyone?
I find it interesting that others don't have a sense that cost is a major factor. Cost being a function of volume for the most part. I can conceive of high end electronics being replicated in mass volume at costs that are mass affordable. Not chea... 
How can I learn how to fix equipment
It's certainly a much more sensible and attainable goal than do it yourself neurosurgery or neurosurgery in eight weeks at home. 
Albany NY "Capital District"
Okay,It's Jacko. 
Albany NY "Capital District"
That's two plus Don. Looking forward to it.Yeah, I'll have food. 
Albany NY "Capital District"
It's confirmed! I looked at the calendar then wrote the 3rd.No, the offer is for the 4th of March at 11am if that works for you. 
Albany NY "Capital District"
Okay,I'll bite one more time. I'm inviting all of you to my home for the first meeting for March 3rd at 11am in Cortlandt Manor, NY.Is anyone prepared to attend? 
When will your system be enough?
The musicians, thanks.