Accuphase DP-70V, opinions?

Hi Folks,
I'm picking up the above mentioned player in a trade. It is a 1995 model. I realize 9 years is an eternity in the world of digital but I'm perfectly comfortable with older players and this one is in perfect condition. I've always aspired to own Accuphase digital and this is the only unit I've been able to come close to affording. I'm very excited and I'm going through with it regardless but just thought I'd see what folks thought of this player. It will be partnered with a Herron VTSP1A/166 preamp>KR Audio Antares V300 amp>Alon (Nola) Lotus SE MkIII speakers. Thanks in advance!
Jond, I'm very fond of the Accuphase players that I've owned. I've also been impressed with the sound of the Accuphase room(s) at the C.E.S over the years. They're definitely a class act of engineering and build quality throughout the entire product line.

I started with a DP-75, and then moved up to the DP-75V (upsampling). A quantum leap in analog-like smoothness.

If you're impressed with the DP-70V, start saving for the DP-75V. They infrequently appear here, but they've come down in price some over the past year. However, you won't see MINE for sale anytime soon!