A switch for 3 amps

I’m hoping for a solution:  I’m running the usual Frankenstein setup for multiple source playback, CD, streaming, and vinyl.  This hybrid system: tube preamp, SS amp, and WiFi streamer all lead to  1.7i modded Maggies (GR Research).  In the chain is a Schitt Lokius (primarily for digital only). The room is an open plan family room.  The issue is I want to add 2 mono tube amps to the system for moderate volume playback (jazz, acoustical, etc.), but I want to use the SS amp too with a switch to go back and forth from the monos to the SS for different music (prog rock and electronic).   Is this even possible?  I’ve looked and see switch’s but nothing that exactly address my setup.  The room is  20 x 30, 9’ ceiling damped by rug, and heavy fabric furniture.  And, to add to all that, the mono’s are  Quicksilver M60s which are only 60w per, but I got a great price on them and have heard others who’ve used them with 1.7 or 1.6s with good results at moderate volume.  So I want to give it try.  Thanks for your suggestions.


Lucky for you I have been down this rabbit hole and search to the depths of Google far beyond I ever imagined.😁 I have found a whole bunch of solutions for your exact needs. However I am going to list all the ones I have found and you can pick out which one you feel is best for you. The one I like the most out of all of them is a company from Europe that will custom make exactly what you want based upon your needs. Rather than try and fit in your requirements to a pre-made box you have a box made for your requirements. 


This was the first stage of a setup for me and now I am looking for a digital version that will run USB to a USB switcher source and that is a whole another mess I am running into but that is a whole nother set of problems for me.

#1 Choice, they will build whatever you needTake a look around at site it's pretty fun​​​​​​​ their products.https://vintagemaker.net/

A lot of these are XLR but you can get component or RCA to XLR cables and I suggest to use Amazon and don't pay for anything expensive as it will not make the quality any better.

#2 LinkBone 8×8 Matrix XLR switch

#3 Black Lion Audio PBR XLR Patchbay\

#4 4 In 1 Out Stereo Audio Switcher Switch Splitter Selector Balanced XLR Interface Remote Control VFD Screen

#5 Kramer VS-4X 4x1 Balanced Stereo Audio Switcher (XLR)

#6 XMSJSIY 6.35mm/3.5mm Audio Selector Switcher 6-in-1-out

#7 Nobsound 3-IN-1-OUT XLR Audio Switch


@audiodidact Did any of the solutions I mentioned fit your needs. I haven't put together my audio room yet but one of those options are going to be in my audio room and it's more than likely going to be the vintage maker as I think I'm going to go with something custom made for me. However there is a lot of decent Solutions there from cheap to expensive. But I do like the vintage maker and he can custom build me what I need. 

I'm more or less need the same thing but for a USB in and USB out I don't know if this guy can build what I need but I might try him for it. Not sure cuz I'm looking for something pretty special to you and have not seen what I want so getting it built might be an easier way but basically I want to be able to choose which USB source and choose which USB DAC. So I would be able to pick between 5 to 6 different sources and choose between five to six different Dax or apps to send the signal to. 


I'm going to keep an eye on this page and see how you make out with it please keep us up to date there's not too many forums where I've seen anybody really do what you want to do and what I want to do. A lot of people just kind of abandon the forum post's and never follow through with what happened afterwards. I figure there's probably a lot of people searching , Well I know there's a lot of people searching and so far actually I accumulated the best list of switches for amps. 


Now I think it's just a matter of me and you and other people trying them out and finding out what works best.

Thanks everyone, for the great suggestions.  I went with the Luxman AS-55.  Works like a charm.