A strange “snap“ or “popping” sound keeps interrupting our music

We have good equipment, all digital (streaming to DAC to amp to speakers) but we experience a strange snapping sound as though some energy is built up, then released.  Has anyone else’s experienced this?   Could it have something to do with grounding, or inadequate grounding?


You didn't say what type amp.  This is a common bad tube sysmtom.

It is easy to delete your duplicate post, But I forget how.  Someone will help.

I didn’t want to publicly mention the amps, but I will say they have no tubes.  I do have tubes in my DAC.

Turn your dac off and unplug it. Then take out the tube(s), use contact cleaner and clean the tube pins. Reinstall the tube. See if the problem goes away (unlikely to but at least you covered this base). This issue could also be caused by a bad/loose connection. Check all interconnects.

is this popping heard thru both channels?

Mainly the right channel.  And not consistent.  I’ve wondered if the weather has an impact.