A quick question?

I know this has been addressed ad nauseum so bear with me. Just got new speakers (Sonus Faber Grand Pianos) and I'm hearing hum when I put my ear up to the speaker. It is definitely from the amp because I turned things off one by one to isolate. I tried a cheater plug but it didn't work. Is this level of hum, very low, normal? My amp is c-j 11A.
are you listening to a digital or analouge frontend? if the latter, some hummin' is commun'. if the former, keep checkin' on such things as the effects of halogon bulbs/dimmers, ac/coax(tv) crosstalk or other sources of rf and associated electronic junk (lots of threads on the application of filters on 'fridge plugs, etc.). if you still can't find your source, i'd advise retunin' your pianos or just try to join in, hummin' along, singin' a song. :) -cfb
If you have any products that make use of a non-polarized two prong plug, try reversing that and see what happens. It might not specifically be the C-J that is humming but a combination of equipment connected to it. Sean
It is for me. I was told that if you can't hear it from your usual listening distance it is not a problem.
Did you try the cheater plug on the pre-amp? Also try a shielded interconnect.
Thanks guys. All of my interconnects are shielded and I tried a cheater plug on the whole system via my power conditioner. I only hear the hum when I put my ear to the speaker, not at all from my listening position. With every other component turned off the hum was still there with my amp, making me think it's transformer hum.
Yup, 60Hz floating thru the transformers & into the speakers... I have it from ONE of the two amps, go figure. As it's barely perceptible with my ear glued to a woofer I don't worry.
Or should I? (Sean?)
I'd try to isolate the problem by connecting components in reverse. Ie start with just the speakers connected to the amp with everthing else disconnected. If no hum then add one item at a time. Ie a pre-amp to amp cable, then the other one then the pre-amp, and continue until you get the hum.

May also need to use ac cheater adapters on each component.

Tranformer hum is usually a 60 cycle vibration. If it were the source, the amp will vibrate and the speaker woofer should be quiet.

Other sources of noise can be anything with a motor, flourescent lights, electronic dimmers, items with high/low switches and computers. Try temporarily disconnecting suspect items to see if hum disappears.

Hope this helps. Hum problems can be aggrevating.
If you have to put your ear to the speaker, it is not a problem. Forget about it.
I used to have a cj11a and there was some hum. It's nothing to worry about. If you can't hear it from where you sit, why worry. I got rid of the hum when I got a new amp - BAT, and no hum.