40+ watts SET, cost is not a problem


Hope everyone is well here. I am visiting after a long time. I have a query on behalf of a close buddy of mine. He is using a pair of TAD CR1x loudspeakers. Gorgeous speakers for sure. The source is an EMT 927 TT & JPA66 preamp. For the amplification things are getting tricky. He has tried the TAD M700s reference power amp and while it sounds very controlled, it doesn't have the openness and dimensionality of tone that a good tube/SET amp provides. We are considering trying a good SET for this system. Given that TAD needs some power blossom well and expand on effortlessly, at least 40 watts of SET power would be needed. The quick choices are Kondo Kagura & Wavac HE833 Mk2. But I need more suggestions on these and other comparative products.

1. Has anyone heard the Kondo and Wavac gears to suggest a comparison? I am just a bit worried on the amount of Silver used in Kondo. I have normally found that silver takes away something from the flow and harmonics. Tell me more about it.

2. What other options can be considered in this realm? No SS please. Looking for SET options primarily.


Room size is moderate 17 x 13 feet. Music preferred are classic rock, jazz, pop and some classical



tvad and Pani,

I hope my post did not come off as aggressive, that was not my intention....apologies if it did.

Yes I was aware he is asking for a friend. I also see there is a lot of "square peg in round hole", that is diverting from where he should be looking for solutions. I am not an expert by any means, but I know that Ralph, Lynn, Doug Dale, Aric Kimball, Don Sachs, Alberto Guerro (AGD) et. al are experts. I have found all of them will give freely of their time, just as Ralph and Lynn have here.

Ralph, AGD and others make Class D SS amps that would work, and Doug Dale makes Class A SS that may solve the issue for for your friend. Best of luck.

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I agree with pretty much all the postings here. I think the owner of the new-series TAD speakers needs to be open-minded and willing to travel to audition these very expensive amplifiers. I would NEVER buy an amplifier unheard, and yes, they will sound very different from each other.

I should mention there is no sonic similarity between current models of TAD (low efficiency) and the big classic studio-monitor TADs of the Eighties (high efficiency). They sound nothing alike, and are clearly designed by different designers with different goals.