300b amplifier chassis

I am interested in learning of places that might sell unfinished chassis for constructing 300b, or similar, monoblock amplifiers. I am already aware of the Hammond and Audio Consulting products; two extremes of the price spectrum. Looking for something in between. The final amplifier design will be a pair of monoblock 300b amps and a seperate valve rectified power supply in a full size chassis (necessary due to the large handmade capacitors to be utilized).

There is a guy on ebay who sells beautiful copper chassis. They usually go for about a hundred bucks a piece. Here is the link to his current auction:

VACUUM TUBE AMPLIFIER COPPER CHASSIS CABINET He also sells wire & other stuff. I bought some wire from him and was extremely staisfied.

I followed up and will probably order some chassis from this fellow (Christian). The price of 100 is rather misleading, though. By the time we get it in the size we need for a dual monaural interstage design (two chassis measuring 17x12x3 ea), in the material we want (copper or stainless steel), and CNC punched the cost is more like 250 to 300 per chassis if bought one at a time. If six or more are purchased the price starts to come down but we do not yet know how much.

We have settled on mirror finish stainless steel and will use it for a two chassis design; it s/b beautiful when done. We will be putting them up for sale once we have a couple of examples ready for sale. Electraprint transformers custom wound for our design will be used; other trannies can be substituted on request. We have a pair of Tango XE20 output trannies, for example, available.
If want steel or aluminum then you can get from

Their price is quite reasonable.
yes, but the parmetal enclosures are not what we want. We are using an open chassis design. The Parmetal is fine for a power supply but it does not look like it belongs in a flagship level product; ie, it looks cheap. we have a parmetal for a power supply already; works and is cheap but looks like it would not even have been used by Dynaco years ago.
Please contact them for custom size and requirement. I'm pretty sure they can make what you need. Their standard product is just for the cheap DIY projects which cost less than Hammond.