10k system for ultimate image density at 70-75db?

mid sized acoustically treated room
10k used
low listening levels - 70 to 75 db
performers are in the room rather than "i´m there"
ultimate image density
excellent instrument separation - easy to follow
like amplified music - not unplugged
kind of "music into mechanical energy transformer"

my first guess : ohm walsh + nuforce
For the listening level you posted, I would build a system around a pair of Quads.

When you're building a system from the ground up, always start with the speakers.
I agree with Audiofeil. Some electrostatic speakers will bring performers into the room. I auditioned a pair of Martin Logan Summits with Sim Audio electronics and I swear good 'ol Willie Nelson was standing in front of us.

10K is a reasonable budget and I'm sure you'll be able to assemble a great system by shopping used.
i throw some more keywords in here - hopefully somebody experienced will find in here...

image solidity low volume full bodied pithily grunt weight earthed inner detail rock solid

where is the least screaming speaker which delivers more powerful earthy inner detail and snap (weight & speed) at 70 db than any other ?

regarding the electrostats...

while electrostats can draw a really fine and lifelike picture at low levels - they cannot deliver weighty snap, or the driving force as deep foundation behind that so beautyfull but light produced picture.

but thanx for every input
"Foundation" at 70dB is not a realistic expectation. I'm sure you can find something unrealistic for much less than 10K.
I don't know about "image density" but as an apartment dweller I wanted excellent sound at low volume levels. I found that I could get this with sensitive speakers. Mine are around 93 db/w/m. You know how some systems need to be cranked up a bit before they come to life - well, I did not want that at all. The other advantage of sensitive speakers is you can go to single-ended triodes - at least, I can in my room.

The combination I have now - Coincident Super Eclipse II and Welborne Lab Laurel IIx with new Western Electric 300Bs (I recently replaced my well loved TJ meshies) is very satisfying at low volumes.

I agree with those who have suggested electrostatics. Martin Logans are worth auditioning. Quite solid sounding and not all airy like you seem to think. They seem to have done a pretty capably job of dynamic woofer integration...
the reason why i like to listen at 70-75db is because most speakers start to scream at higher levels - my ears couldnt stand that.

i would like to listen at higher levels to gain more musical energy - if just the speakers wouldnt scream at all.

so the simple question would be :

least screaming speaker/amp combination with great instrument separation that delivers high energy and comes to live as early as possible ? (ok lets say 80db)

maybe i should also move to a larger room with larger speakers if i like to get the highest possible energy.
What do you mean by scream? Your Energy's are highly respected and have a great forward "in the room" sound - I don't think anyone would describe these as screaming above 80 db, above 95 db perhaps. If anything the only faults with the Energy Veritas line were that some designs had distinctly too much bass and that the dome midrange is limited in loudness before compression becomes a factor. In your case, too much bass is what you probably need when listening at lower levels (phon curves and all that stuff)...
Why not try a full range driver loudspeaker? SEAS has a all new full range out the exotic. KCS offers complete loudspeakers for $4000 shipping included. These sound great at low levels but still can produce much SPL if needed they are full sounding at low levels very very easy to listen to since point source, time and phase correct. No crossover to mess things up;)
You should audition the speakers with newer high density tweeters, like diamond or Beryllium. I never noticed any screaming breakup that happens with conventional metal tweeters on my Focals with BE tweeter. None of those no hard sound normally associated with the metal tweeters.
thanx for your help !

text time i´m in ny i have to listen to

ohm walsh
sp tech timepiece 3.0
harbeth monitor 30

happy to see more comments
Oh I just bought my first system around this budget for my bedroom; still a college student here so the room is well I spend most of my time. It consists of the latest Olive Opus 4, Bel Canto Dac3 and ATC Active 20s. At the beginning I was quite disappointed with the sound but now that the system have burned it, it sounds very nice. My room is 3m by 4m. Hope this helps
Oh BTW. The ATCs just refuse to 'scream' at higher levels. From what I learned from this forum is that they are super low distortion designs so you can be rest assured that they will not hurt your ears. I used to think that why do the speakers have such low volume levels when I have already cranked them up.