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looking to replace Fyne speaker jumper cable
Take a look at this. It might give you some insight on using silver cables over copper! BTW, IMO , the thicker gauge of the cable is more important. But if you must have silver you won’t go wrong with the DH LABS REVELATION jumpers! https://www.b... 
looking to replace Fyne speaker jumper cable
You don’t need to spend that much for a few inches of jumper cable. DH LABS makes nice silver jumpers at a reasonable price!   https://silversonic.com/products/speaker-cables/bi-wire-jumper/  
Need some treble
Did you verify that the tweeters in your speakers are working?  
SS Amp Choices
You won’t go wrong with the Van Alstine. My friend uses the DVA SET 500 with his Harbeths and it is outstanding. BTW, if the Van Alstine isn't to your liking you can return it with full refund!  
Class D Integrated Amplifier with 4 ohm Speakers
You  can use that combo with no problem!  
Phono Stage in inputs for 2 tonearms
Manley! https://www.manley.com/hifi/mshlr    
Solar flares are here, everyone unplug your dryer!
Hey guy!  
My new Borresen X3's
It sounds like you made a great decision, enjoy your new speakers! "Opinions are like a-holes. Everybody's got one and everyone thinks everyone else's stinks."  
must you play music to break in tubes
I use all GE 12 type tubes in my amps and that loud cracking sound is a tube failure. The seller is giving you a line of BS!  
Hsu has custom high pass filters
@zlone No it won't. Line level only!  
Hsu has custom high pass filters
@zlone Here ya go!! Congratulations! You have purchased the high pass filter that would help keep the deeper bass out of your main speakers. In order to get optimum performance from your new purchase, please read this easy-to�follow instruction ... 
Solid state amp vs tube amps
Here is an interesting article on this subject! Could an Old-School Tube Amp Make the Music You Love Sound Better?    
Hsu has custom high pass filters
I have used that when I owned a sub. It is an excellent product!  
How Soon Do You Realize You Don't Like a Piece of Gear?
The Allnic is tubes and the VDH is SS. I always prefer tube phono preamps over SS. Cut your losses and dump the VDH. I doubt that it will ever grow on you!  
4ohms or 8ohms for refurbished WATT/Puppy 5.1's?
If the 4 ohm tap sounds better us them! In summary, the 4-ohm tap has a lower output impedance because it’s closer to the primary winding, allowing for efficient power transfer. Experiment with both taps to find the best match for your specific s...