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Which Vintage CD Player To Use As A Transport?
If you want cheap, I'd get any JVC XL-Z model. You'd have to use an RCA SP/DIF to connect to your dac. I used to think all transports sound the same and used an old Sony DVD carousel. It died and I put a JVC I'd had forever in and the sound was so... 
BEL amp repairs
Sorry, I meant is servicing.  
BEL amp repairs
The last I heard, Brooks Berdan, Ltd. serviced BEL amps  
The Most Philosophical Song You Ever Heard
Can't think of just one but I'll say Wish You Were Here 
New Transport? / Streamer? / CD Player?
@musichead  Out of curiosity, what mods have you made to the CXC? 
New Transport? / Streamer? / CD Player?
I’m where you are. I have the same transport and a DAC I like. I’m wondering at what price point a physical CD transport sounds better than ripped files from a streamer? I think I’d rule out #3, a separate DAC is much more flexible. Sorry I have n... 
Circle Labs A200 Integrated amplifier review - It will appeal to both tube and SS lovers……
Hi Bill, That was an impressive review, thanks! I was wondering if you listened to the A100 at all? 
Ayre Codex (former) Owners, what did you move on to?
Exogal Comet +  It's a completely different sound, at least in my system. Warmer, a little laid back. Actually the Codex was a little fatiguing to my ear. 
Would like to upgrade amplifier and would appreciate suggestions.
A bunch of people are about to tell you to replace the speakers first. 
Should I list all my classical CDs?
If you want to keep the collection together, give it to a library, or someone you know, or sell it for a price that you know the buyer will buy it for themselves and not just resell them really cheap. 
Cheap hearing aids?
@georgehifiI'm not trying to be mean but in America we drive on the right side of the road and Australians drive on the left. 
Worst Concerts You Have Attended ??
Bob Dylan. Again. At Coca Cola Parke in Allentown PA. Could not make out one single word. Also we sat far away and couldn't even tell if it was actually him. Even the music was incomprehensible, had no idea what songs they were supposed to be. Sam... 
Tell me about my new (to me) Pioneer SX-5570.
I think it's the same as a SX-950 only with a black faceplate. 
What player to stream Amazon HD with?
This will stream just about everything, but I think it's about $1600https://www.nativsound.com/en/music-server 
Cambridge CXC: Help finding a small, programmable remote?
If anyone is still interested in a replacement remote, I found this  https://remotes-world.com/products/cambridge-audio-hifi-cxc  I don't know how well or even if it works.