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Vera-Fi Audio's $199 Vera-Link Bluetooth Speaker Savior Reviewed!
I run in class D amps for 200 hours into large 8ohm loads prior to evaluation. 8 Ohm 200W Non-Inductive Dummy Load Resistor  
Cable supports on the cheap...
+2 Toilet paper tubes.  
Vera-Fi Audio's $199 Vera-Link Bluetooth Speaker Savior Reviewed!
I installed a pair on my son's modified Klipsch RP-8000F speakers. After run in, we were pretty amazed with the sound quality for the money. A great product for young folks on a tight budget.  
What's the best and/or favorite piece of equipment you've owned? And do you still own it?
ATC SCM50ASLT active loudspeakers in rosewood. Will never sell these. I've rotated through many speakers over the decades.  
Anyone else using slugs instead of fuses? Comments on metals used and sound please
+2 I use SFBs across two stereos and am very happy with the improved sound quality. Excellent value.  
High End Repair in Phoenix
Old school bench techs are hard to come by as most have passed away or are too old (arthritis and stuff like that) to continue. I'm one of the younger of that generation. My first job after tech school in 1975 was TV and radio repair when almost ... 
I'm jealous. I would love to have an ATC factory tour one day. Perhaps I can one day convince Rick or Sir Paul for a personal audition in their studios. The picture in the attached link shows ATC active pro monitors in the background. I'm guessin... 
High End Repair in Phoenix
James Koch Audio Doctor 602-741-0730 Jeff's Professional Audio Repair, Also Car Stereo work 602-274-0794 If the first guy is the James you're speaking of, I'd move on to th... 
Holiday Habits and Pleasures
In our home, non-stop Christmas music starts right after Thanksgiving. Drives the rest of the family nuts. Particularly fond of Nutcracker, Charlie Brown and lots of stuff from the 50s and 60s when I was a kid. Merry Christmans to all.  
"Squaring The Circle"...Hipgnosis Documentary on Netflix
Loved it! Recommended it to all my music loving friends. Thanks.  
@todbut You're welcome. I'm excited for you. I've rotated through many speakers over the years, both in my music rooms and my studio. My SCM50ASLT and SCM20ASL Pro Mk2 active speakers are here to stay.  
Zen Stream/Zen DAC v2 a Surprisingly Good Combo
@lanx0003 At least a half dozen reasons why that might be. I wouldn't worry about it and enjoy the music. I often find this to be true when I insert one "tweak". But when I insert four, five or more, then it's obvious. I don't bother to go back a... 
best cost no object single unit streamer/dac combo you have ever heard?
@tave5 Yes, the Weiss DAC204 will benefit from a power supply upgrade. I use the one linked below. They have different voltage options but one can adjust the unit themselves to any voltage within the specified range (5-24Vdc) with the internal tr... 
Zen Stream/Zen DAC v2 a Surprisingly Good Combo
@lanx0003 I agree, technology marches on. A friend is using the Wii Pro in a very nice stereo and it sounds great. With that said, I own the Stream and DAC v2 Signature and agree with the OP; outstanding functionality and sound quality for the mo... 
@audioslave1561 Nice writeup. I have two friends that drive their ASLTs (50s in one case and 100s in another) directly with a Weiss DAC501 (in both cases wired ethernet directly in as I do with my 501). I agree; these clean, minimal systems like ...