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Intg Amps: Hegel 590 vs NAD M33 Masters vs Gryphon Diablo 120
Gryphon by miles  
Am I wasting money on the theory of Bi-amping?
Bi-amping is not a "theory" neither are bi-(or tri)wiring. You just need to know what you are doing. Results will depend on the quality of the involved components and als the chief`s skill-level.   Some speakers has terrible passive filters, lik... 
Mains Power Cable DIY
 If you`re looking for a real upgrade buy some 12awg solid firealarmcable. Nothing else comes close  
Power Cables on Subwoofers do Matter
The funny thing here is that the best powercables are not expensive, even if audio-salesmen tryes to give that impression. Anyone who diy`s a bit can make their own from 12awg solid firealarmcable.   
Budget preamp recommendation...besides Schiit.
Cheap killer preamp? The Chinese Weiliang-made MBL 6010d clone is just that. Just be shure to give it some good sounding op-amps.  BB OPA627 single op-amps + 4xTexas Instruments LME49720 dual op-amps makes this into a balanced giant-killer. Extre... 
Power cords known to produce good bass
Do you DIY? Try 12awg solid firealarmcable. Be aware of net-polarity between your components, correct polarity gives better 3D and timing  
Will increasing speaker cable AWG make a difference in sound quality?
I`m glad none of you are my docktor. Something between scaring and sad to see the answers given, but with one exeption, Carlsbad:   carlsbad 1,551 posts 03-13-2023 at 01:23pm  generally yes. Large wire size is required for the high current ... 
The Importance of the Digital Cable
redwoodaudio:"  Make sure that you’re not using “analog” xlr cables for a “digital” signal. They look the same and have same XLR type connectors (although digital cable usually called AES) but different design internally.same goes for unbalanced…... 
If Power Cords Don't Matter...
The powersupply is like a heart, pumping out blood, and the powercable is the main artery leading in to it. That`s is why the quality of this last worm is moore detectable than the rest of the circuit. millercarbon:   "I even swapped around gauge ... 
Difference in sound between copper and silver digital cables?
" Silver offers much more crispness and better clarity especially copper by its self, because most manufacturers use silver plated copper, some do all pure silver wire cables. However silver will seem to promote midrange and high frequency with m... 
How to select a good Speaker Cable
I`ve done this for decades b4icu.  1: The calculations are not too accurate but the main thing is that just the resistance IS the main problem with speakercables (resistance kills dynamics). The (stranded) conductors internal interference is the s... 
How to select a good Speaker Cable
b4icu OP406 posts08-24-2020 10:14pm" Tube Amps have low DF so cables won't change the sound a bit.If the cables are meant to end up with a tube Amp. don't bother at all." Wrong. Even my friends tiny 3.5W 2A3 SE-amp grew up when given 9awg solid ... 
No one actually knows how to lculate what speaker cable they need
You`re funny kijanki. Ever thought of trying out those calculations in real life settings? And if you did, do you have the skills to understand what you`re observing? 
How to select a good Speaker Cable
You are on the right track but you still have a lot to learn b4icu 
How to select a good Speaker Cable
  Kind of interesting this, wonder if OP will ever realise the difference between stranded & solid conductors