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Pioneer DV-09 plays DVD's not CD's help
Sorry to ask what may be the obvious, but are you placing the CD in the player label side down? I believe with this transport you need to place the CD in upside down for proper playback. 
Personal Tuner Evolution
Presently in collection:Marantz 20BFanfare FT-1AMcIntosh MR-71Sansui TU9900Tandberg 3011ASAE 3200 
audio research
Hi Paul,Strictly personal opinion based on owning back in the day both the D70MKII and the following ARC preamps:SP-8: later versions, would be first choiceSP-9: MKII or MKIII, would be second choiceAlthough I have not owned one, I have heard the ... 
Good news for tinnitus sufferers
Thanks so much for thinking to share this information. 
Best used analog receiver under $150?
Advent 300 
Are you in the over 30 K club??
Dreadhead,Yes, over $30K after many years of upgrading. Down from a high of $50K+ a couple of years ago. Still a music lover, with 3K+ LP's and counting. 
Christmas Jazz Anybody?
The Ramsey Lewis Trio, Sounds of Christmas on Chess 
VPI does still support the HW-19 platform, to some extent. If you go to their web site you will see an HW-19 section on the main landing page.All parts available direct from VPI are listed, with pricing. Unfortunately armboards are not listed... 
VPI HW-19 Upgrade question SAMA or SDS?
Forrestc,My upgrade path is similar to yours. My HW-19 started life as a MKIII and was upgraded to a MKIV. I've kept the spring suspension. The next upgrade was the SDS and then finally the SAMA. The SAMA will further improve bass response, but to... 
Quicksilver MC Step Up Help
Hello,I could be missing something here, but if you're connecting to the moving coil input of the PS Audio GCPH you should not also be trying to use a pre-preamp or step-up device. The PS Audio unit would/should be designed with enough gain to acc... 
Extreme low budget amp w phono & "reputation"?
Advent 300 receiver ($200+ on Ebay)Nad 3020B integrated amp, a classic 
Setting up a Shelter 501MK II
Capeman:I think you will love this cartridge. Don't worry so much about the capacitance, but you do want to load it to 100 ohms. It is pretty sensitive to overhang and alignment, so take your time in the setup.Good luck,Tubegb 
What Tonearms can use a Linn Mount?
The Audioquest tonearms use the same mounting pattern and have similar geometry.