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Active Speakers Don't Sound Better
A major growth in part counts and crossover complexity If I ever get active speakers, it would be to go in the opposite direction (towards a lower parts count). I bet this is a big motivator for many others who switch. The question then is, if... 
Streamer/DAC combinations
I like the Matrix Audio integrated streamer/DAC/preamp products. They provide top of the line ESS DAC chips (two of them, in some models),  most available I/O options (including I2S and HDMI in some models), and excellent IR remote controls.  They... 
Review: Sonore ultraRendu
I let my maintenance license expire on Bacch4Mac and do not use the software anymore. I was not hearing enough consistent improvement to justify the cost or the  complexity.  Maybe I never had it set up properly.  With Bacch-Orc (room correction) ... 
Anthony (Tony) Cordesman has passed away
I remember him as a national security analyst or "talking head". Had no idea he also was a HiFi reviewer. Maybe I've read his reviews without paying attention to the byline.  May he rest in peace.  
Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
I can't picture a trip to NY for a "few days" including airfare, hotel, transportation and food for under 5 K Drive (if you're close enough); then if you happen to find speakers you really like, you can take them back with you (and save on ship... 
Do I Need a Dedicated Streamer?
Node uses BLuOS (probably the best)  I'd agree that BluOS provides a very good UI, but IMO Roon is even better. For BluOS, you need a BlueSound device. You can install Roon Core on your Mac Mini then control it from your iPhone or laptop.  One ... 
Do I Need a Dedicated Streamer?
I suppose that I could wire my mac mini using a usb cable to my Hegel and get streamer level quality without buying a dedicated device? Try it. What do you have to lose if you already have the Mini? I've used this setup (with different amps/DAC... 
Is there such a thing as a good medium priced music streamer?
Purely in terms of features and functionality, the BlueSound Node must be one of the best values in HiFi. The newer Nodes have HDMI eArc (for integration with your TV) and apparently better DAC chips than earlier versions.  Another possibility is ... 
Is There Just One Single Album That Does It For You, Completely? Just One.
Hmm. Maybe "Building a Boat" by The Elders?    
Help me spend $100,000 on a new system
Spend it on a dedicated listening room. Maybe a small addition to your new home, designed for excellent acoustics, convenient wiring, sound-proofing ...  
DAC as pre amp
I resisted buying a preamp for a long time.  Me too. My Matrix Element X provides pretty good source-switching and volume control (as well as a very good DAC). However, it does not supply the same signal boost (4.5 vrms, XLR out) as my Benchmar... 
XLR recomendation
Benchmark: $58 for 10' of Canare L-4E6S StarQuad  (1 cable). Blue Jeans Cable: $45.25 for 10' of Belden 1800F (1 cable); $40.75 for 10' of  Canare L-4E6S Star Quad (1 cable).      
If Cardas Clear Beyond and Shunyata Sigma V2 speaker cables had a child would be ?
It would be a low-priced but excellent mutt like the Blue Jeans Canare 4S11 at $2.30/ft unterminated or ~$59.00 for 10 ft. with locking bananas at both ends.  
Subwoofer Basics Help
I own a small REL. It's ok  However, I think they are overpriced for what you get.  Also, they seem to be the only major vendor pushing the high-level connection.  
Which is better, a fussy speaker or a versatile one?
The OP's question does not indicate any downside/trade-offs to owning the un-fussy speakers. Is it a trick question?