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Why No New SACD Along With New Vinyl
Blu-Ray is the future, seeing that there are 100 million plus PS3's out there and growing. I've tried the first Blu-Ray out, Divertiment by Trondheimsolistene, and it sounds great. Since the latter comes with a SACD version of the same music, you ... 
I agree, the feet upgrade, produces mimimal if any difference. I tried them and quickly returned them. Try Black Racing Dimonds. I have them under the motor and feet. Haven't tried the extra blet but will now do so. 
what is the best amp you've ever heard
In solid state, Marantz Esotec SM 1000 
Buying used vs. New
Buy used, but on a pick up basis only and have it demo'd before handing over the cash. 
PrimaLuna Phono ??
I had the board installed and was very disappointed. Dumped the PrimaLuna. Purchased an external phono pre and was pleased, EAR 834. 
Need cabinetry/shelving advice
Ikea is the way to go. 
SSM w/Rim Drive - Cloud 11 Vibration issues?
I think everybody needs to wait until Harry comes up with the 'third' generation version of the 'rim'. By then, all the bugs will be out, hopefully. Until then, the 'fly' will be the way to go. When the third generation comes out, it will have a c... 
Ever SetUp KHorns with a Center Speaker?
Yes, I did that. The center was a Belle. Smooth, since all the drivers matched. Amps were all VAS mono block tubes, with a VAS I tube pre-amp that had a center channel out. Hope you read the PK write up, which while almost sixty years old now, is ... 
Mono Block tube amp or Stereo Tube amplifier?
Mono block is the way to go. Check out the VAS line, warm sound, can drive almost all speakers and have great resale value as you move up to more powerful mons's. 
is there a website that has the schedules of shows
Best to target the CES shows. Populated by people who are knowledgeable but tend to ignore the consumer as they are targed at the dealer network. Small companies are missing as the cost, even if they in with a large firm, is still high. Best is th... 
Safe Shipping, Fact or Fiction
Also check out the shipping guidelines at:www.approvedaudioservice.comThese people are in the business of servicing hi end stuff and have lots of experience in shipping. 
Safe Shipping, Fact or Fiction
I think most of the bases have been covered, e. g. double boxing, must have all original packing materials etc. Don't think the mail system is worth the risk. Also, increase the insurance value to the $5,000 level, not to scam the system but to ge... 
Benz Micro M2 loading
When I had this cartridge, the loading was 800 Ohms via Audio Research PH3SE, on a VPI Aires 12 arm. It was just perfect. 
Shipping cd player out of country
Don't do it and save yourself grief, worry and aggravation. Don't know if the 'region code' is still a concern, some players are still tied up in that fiasco. With shipping charges, insurance, duty etc. the cost to the sender could be $200 plus. I... 
I think my CAL Alpha DAC is broken...
Agree, dump and buy another one. Repairs are not cost effective on this unit, typically the bench charge can run at least $150, if you can find a knowledgeable tech. I have two cal labs units, one has the alpha processor the other sigma. Great uni...