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Is There Just One Single Album That Does It For You, Completely? Just One.
One Album, from beginning to end?? Steely Dan’s Aja is hard to top. But for me its Boston’s debut album. You can’t top Brad Delp’s smooth vocals and Tom Schultz exploding on the guitar and rockin’ on the pipe organ.    
The Audiophile Upgrade Easiest to Ignore
I’m another audiophile that have worn hearing aids all my life. Here is my advice on hearing aids for first time buyers. 1. spend money on the high-end brands like Phonak, Starkey, Beltone. I paid $3500 cash for my Phonak with Bluetooth. You can ... 
The greatest Pop song yet written and recorded.
When I think of the Best Pop Song ever written and recorded, I think of what song that will make a lasting impression on people of all ages, race and religion, and it must be a song can be sung universally. In my opinion, there is only one song th... 
Affordable SS that sound like Tubes
I had many tube and SS amps and I have narrowed down my choice to the Marantz 1182dc Integrated amp. These amps have the tube sound and have better quality parts verses the typical Marantz 2275 receivers which I have owned as well. These amps not ... 
Amp repair
I would suggest contacting the manufacture and request for a PDF copy of your model amp's service manual or wiring diagram and then locate a good audio repair service with service manual in hand. A competent audio repair service will be able to tr... 
Help me select few vinyl LPs
Check out a small recording studio called Newvelle Records. They specialize in Americana Jazz and Blues and all production from recording to the cover is top notch.  
Does it make sense to "ignore low ball offers"?
Most sellers on Audiogon take care of their investments and they are not usually your brick-and-mortar brands. With that being said, my rule of "low ball offers" are 15% -20% on 2nd market value whether I'm the buyer or seller. You can always chec... 
Best amplifier for low to moderate listening levels
I recommend a very inexpensive add-on that may help you. The iFi Micro iTube 2.  It has a 2 level Xbass loudness switch and 3D Holograpghic matrix for designed for headphones and speakers. It's pre-amp that can be put in front of any amp or player.  
Speaker that are 'KEEPERS" for the long haul!!!
After 20 years of buying and selling speakers to find my sweet spot I've settled on the Wharfedale Linton 85th Anniversary Bookshelf Speakers. My goal was a compact 3 way with great low end and a live soundstage and the Lintons more than surpassed... 
Buying Used Equipment on the Internet
I too have bought a number of audio equipment from Audiogon, TMR and other online resales. My problem has always been with damages cause by the shippers. I never had an issue with the purchase, so you need to be mindful with the shippers and packi... 
Technical assistance and recommendations needed
Why trash the Canton when you have a Shiits EQ? You can back off the Highs and Mids to get that warm sound you want. Some Audiophiles do not like EQs, but like them and they serve the purpose for me.   
What is the VERY BEST CD album you've ever heard?
The best cd album in my collection is Steve Miller's Fly Like an Eagle Gold DCC cd and it's the remastering by Steve Hoffman that puts this cd a cut above the rest.  
Speakers that are good with tubes
Klipsch KG 4s are a winning hand with tube amps. I sold mine and do miss them now even though I have a set of Klipsch Fortes I and its little brother the Quartets.  
Why do so many sellers take offense to offers on their listings?
I have a process that I follow before and during selling.This is just my opinion. 1. When pricing your item don't look at what sellers listing price.  Look for the "sold or complete" price on all websites to get your base price to list. Many sell... 
Best progressive rock album side
There's a lot of classic Prog-Rock listed, so here's my list of some lesser unknown favorite modern Prog-Rock albums. Cyan - For King and Country Southern Empire - both self-titled and Civilisations. Kino - Pictures Frost - Milliontown Lifesi...