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Don't like vinyl
I don't get it. 
DENAFRIPS DAC ---- Owner Impressions, Feedback, General Discussion, Questions and more....
Slimdub14 Keep in mind that the Ares is a 2 channel DAC and will only work with the main left and right channels. A DAC is a digital to analog converter. You use it to convert any digital sources such as the digital out put of a cd player (to bypa... 
GR Research NX-Extreme
Hello.While I have not heard Danny's speakers yet (soon) I have heard some of his work. I have a pair of Emerald Physics EP 2.7 open baffle speakers that he build new crossovers for and they sound amazing! They use much higher quality parts than t... 
Class-D Audio USA have just released their new GaN amp at the CES
Thanks for posting George. There seems to be no doubt that class D is the future and the GaN tech should give it a significant boost. I am Looking forward to it.  
Build My Own Room Treatments
Before embarking on this journey some education is in order. Otherwise you will get so many conflicting ideas that you may end up more confused than when you asked this question. One of the best sources I have found is Acoustic Fields. They specia... 
Tavish Vintage vs Bottlehead Eros
That's cool! I picked mine up on ebay for $350. I could not believe it or pass it up. I think You will be happy with it. I'm using it with a Music Hall MMF-7.3 TT and an Ortofon 2m Black mm cart. Very good clean detailed and just plain "musical" s... 
Tavish Vintage vs Bottlehead Eros
I too have the Vintage with the Tun sol tubes. Also have had it for about six months. This is a great phono amp. Very clean and great tone and sound stage. I’m keeping mine also. 
Digital coaxial advice needed
I2S is not widely adopted yet. Mostly found on higher end equipment where maximum performance is the goal. My "Wyred 4 Sound" DAC also only has one I2S input. But my transport does not use it. That's not to say that SPDIF coax sounds bad, it does ... 
Recomend Some Albums Recorded with True Imaging.
Also check out Chesky Records. They have their Binaural series: Very cool! Watch Steve's video on this page. 
Recomend Some Albums Recorded with True Imaging.
All Mapleshade recordings are minimally miced in real rooms. See at their site. You can play sample tracks. They have a couple of sampler CDs that give a taste of what their sound is. Try "13 Shades of Blue" Blues, Bluegrass and Jazz/blues. The so... 
Turn off atmos for music?
While there are some multi channel recordings of music out there the vast majority of recordings are in stereo (2 channel). If you are listening to 2 channel recordings through a home theater receiver with surround speakers on then any sound comin... 
Digital coaxial advice needed
It’s not HDMI, it’s the "I2S protocol" See this:²SAnd here is Paul owner of PS Audio explaining it:  
Unable to post for sale ad for music
Good to know. Thanks! Glad you got it sorted. 
Do you prefer tidy room to messy one with better sound?
That is so true! 
DAC or pream
Oh and FYI your Emotiva is a preamp so yes you will still need preamp capabilities. Now some DAC's have built in volume controls so they can act as a "digital" only preamp but don't usually have analog switching. But you said you don't need that a...