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Tube amplifier upgrade suggestions welcome.
I'd love a Raven but that's out of my budget and I don't see any used models available, unfortunately.You are saying I'd be better off buying a tube integrated than using my m2si as a preamp and buying a tube amplifier to add to it?  I was thinkin... 
Anyone Recently Change to Class D power?
How would you place the performance of the NAD C298 compared to it's most popular AB competition like the Rotel RB-1582 or Parasound A23+?  
Tube amplifier upgrade suggestions welcome.
Upon study, it seems I am looking for something like a First Watt amp but you don't see them for sale very often and not at my price level.  I had a Linn LK280 some years ago and that was a great amp but it ran so hot it burned the boards which is... 
Tube amplifier upgrade suggestions welcome.
Would you consider a used Raven Nighthawk integrated to be a better move than buying, say, the Parasound A23+ new and using my m2si as a preamp?  This is kind of where I'm at decision-wise.  I ask this particularly as I have (supposedly) very high... 
Tekton 4-10 Subwoofer
I just replaced a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 2's with a pair of Lore Be's.  I'm shocked at how much better they are.  These embarrass the MA's.  Clarity, separation, soundstage, bass, fun...  These are fun speakers.If I were working for Monitor ... 
How many speaker companies?
If you just take the ones in the US and Europe, I'd guess it's easily over 100.  I seem to hear of a new company (to me) every third day and I'm not looking for them, just reading forums. 
Tekton Electron Be
Mil-spec stuff is rated to work in harsh environments like extreme heat, vibration, radiation, etc.  Not really applicable to home audio but it sounds good.