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Tube integrated for ProAc 2S
Lectron JH-30. There's one for sale on Audiogon for $1300. It's a magic combination with ProAc's. 
How to hook up a subwoofer with an integrated amp?
Your best bet may be a REL sub. The preferred hookup method for these subs is their supplied low-level cable, which runs from the amp's speaker posts to the sub's Neutrik connector. I used a REL sub with my Lectron integrated (also a 30 watt EL34 ... 
Less is more? Where's the midrange question -help
Are your speakers new? If so, plan on playing music through them continuously and pretty loud for about 100 hours before they'll reach their real sound. The driver's surrounds really need to be flexed quite a bit to work as designed. The "harsh an... 
Help a complete vidio idiot
On the CRT front, after the initial setup, you will need to revisit the convergence and possibly other settings roughly every 6 months. It can get a little tedious... 
Any surround better than none at all?
I totally agree with Rsuminsby, use a "phantom" center and any ol' surround speakers. 
Lectron JH-30 help
You're probaly looking for Nick Doshi - I bought a modded JH-30 from him a while ago and can attest a) he really knows his stuff and b) the JH-30 is a fantastic amplifier, made even better with his modifications. 
Home HiFi better than Live?
I understand what you guys are saying, because the amplified sound systems at most rock and jazz shows are not very good. However, the reference standard is not just live music, but UNAMPLIFIED live music! For the most part that means classical... 
best monitor for tubes?
My first really expensive hifi purchase, 10 years ago, was a Lectron JH-30 tube integrated amp and ProAc Response 2's. Since then I've spent 10's and 10's of thousands of dollars trying all sorts of tubes, solid state, and speaker after speaker: M... 
Amplification for Proac 1SC and Totem Model 1
I have heard 1SC's sound great on a 2.5 watt (2A3 SET) amp and utterly great on 30 watts of tube (EL34 push pull). I think the trick is a very smooth impedance curve. Or pixie dust. 
Does anyone's cable TV provider offer HDTV?
I've had a Time Warner HDTV cable box for several months (Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3100HD) in Manhattan. I get ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, HBO and Showtime. PBS shows endless loops of incredibly dreary documentaries, but shot in true 1080i and it ... 
which cables with Faroudja Native Rate + Sharp9000
I needed the same cable to go from an RCA HDTV set top box to my Sony 10HT projector and got my 25' run from 
Best music for romantic interlude
Love Deluxe by Sade. Also, Avalon by Roxy Music. Best makeout albums in my collection. 
Help... upgrading to front projector
The CRT is still king of the hill for color reproduction and black level. The downside is low light levels and a pretty regular maintenance schedule. Plan on adjusting something (mostly convergence) every 3-6 months. There's a lot of great CRT out... 
Help... upgrading to front projector
Do you have complete light control in your room? If not, then skip the CRT's because they do not have the light output to overcome an ambient light situation. If you don't have complete light control then go for a higher output fixed pixel display... 
where to start analog
I just got back into analog with a Rega P3 table, RB300 arm and a Benz Micro Glider cartridge for about $1600 brand new and it sounds great. Not the last word, but to me, clearly better than any digital I've ever owned including Sony SCD-1. All te...