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McIntosh MC 601 Current conversion from 110 to 220 Volt
I have been a McIntosh user and collector for 42 years. I'd call the factory for advice.  
McIntosh C52 to C53 Upgrade
I concur with previous posts. I own many Macs. Don't upgrade just because it is a new model.  
Where did you buy your first audio gear?
Pioneer SX-750 receiver, BIC turntable, and Bose 301 Series II bookshelf speakers. Purchased at Pacific Stereo, Pomona, California, February 1980. Receiver was nothing but problems and BIC turntable was crummy. Replaced them three months later wit... 
San Diego tube amp repair
I've done business with him in the past and don't recommend him.  
Looking for warm tube preamp (should pair well with Pass power amp), budget $6000
I use a McIntosh C2300 tube preamplifier bought new in 2008. I replaced the Chinese made "McIntosh" tubes inside it with NOS Telefunken tubes. I use it with a McIntosh MC2205 power amplifier. Very, very pleasant sound.   
Hi, sorry to read about your tube experiences. About five years ago, I re-tubed a McIntosh  MR-71 FM tuner with replacement tubes that were all NOS. It was expensive, but worth it. I used Telefunken tubes from the 1950's and 1960's, all bought fro... 
I agree with Theo. I have a MC 7205 bought new in 2001. Two of the three power meter lamps failed within a few years of use. I was reluctant to do a DIY attempt to fix, so I just switched off all three lamps. At the end of the day I was more inter... 
Where is best place to sell vintage WiFi?
Agree with laps. As a longtime owner of many McIntosh components, Audioclassics is great.   
Need McIntosh service advice
tbevan, my sympathies. I live in southern California. I've owned McIntosh components since 1980. It's true, there are very few good techs around, including those that are McIntosh authorized repair shops. Over time, I've learned to just bite the b... 
Are these Speakers the BEST on Planet Earth ?...
  Come on! There is no "best," objectively speaking.  
Resonessence Labs: Still in business?
  Did you do a search for them on the internet? 
Should I fix it and sell it or sell it as is? Mark Levinson No. 331
 Why would someone pay $800 for your amp if it needs a $1,100 repair? How much would it be worth if you have the repair done, and then sell it in good condition? 
Manufacturer Repaired Dropped Integrated Amplifier - Should I Be Concerned?
  Hi, sorry to hear about your unit. Maybe I can shed some light on this for you. I sent a McIntosh tuner from California to New York in 2016 for upgrades and modifications. Due to negligence on the part of the seller on how to pack the unit, it w... 
Best Tubes on Market today?
  I retubed my C2300 and MR-71 with NOS Telefunkun tubes. All tubes preceded 1970. I even bought one made in November, 1954. All NOS tubes made a great, audible difference in my system. And also quite a hole in my pocketbook! 
What to do with broken McIntosh Pre-Amp
 I agree with roberjerman. Also, consider sending it to the McIntosh factory for repair. It takes time to get a unit back from them, but will look and sound like new