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Subwoofers - 1 Martin Logan Depth or 2 Grottos?
My amplifier has pre-outs, but no inputs to the power amp so I cannot place the Vandy high-pass filter between the two to run to my main speakers.Anyway, I cannot centrally locate the subwoofer except for behind the listening area. My listening ar... 
Wife Acceptance Factor
Luckily, I found a fantastic set of speakers on deep discount that also double as art (in my and my wife's opinions - EgglestonWorks Fontaines). So I deftly side-stepped the whole, "you're not putting that big ugly wrong-colored box in our living ... 
5 CD's on your current "permanent " rotation.
Ooo, ooo, ooo, and my sixth is Dave's True Story - Sex Without Bodies. (Sorry, I could not keep it to 5.) 
5 CD's on your current "permanent " rotation.
Nina Simone - Anthology ('03)Mark Murphy - September BalladsDetroit Cobras - Mink Rat or RabbitLucinda Williams - World Without TearsJimmy (Smith) & Wes (Montgomery) - The Dynamoc Duo 
Where R U?????
Originally Detroit. Hey Bigjoe, if Flint is the "armpit of the world", I guess that makes Detroit the a-hole of the world, with its constant flatulance belching from its smelly old smokestacks. But a great source for fantastic music. Now northwest... 
Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts
Number one has to be my first: 1971, Olympia Stadium, Detroit, MI, 5th row: Alice Cooper and Steppenwolf. When Steppenwolf played "Pusher", with that awesome Hammond B3, and the searing, ear-splitting lead guitar, my life changed. I went from bein...