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Anyone heard the new Led Zep jJapanese CDs?
My experience with Japanese made CDs has been positive. The most noticable improvement is in the high end. For some reason the grating edgy high end has been eliminated on a lot of Japanese CDs. There's probably bad sounding Japanese CDs out there... 
Your ONE all time favorite love song?
Everly Bros./Let It Be Me. Guess it was a French song first but never heard it in French. 
XRCDs. Which ones would you recommend me?
This one is going to be tough to find but the sound is spectacular: Hell Freezes Over by the Eagles. It was only available for a short time. I'm not a huge Eagles fan but the sound quality of this XRCD is impressive. 
Medieval-style music
Just about anything by Jordi Savall is worth listening to, both instrumental and vocal. The recording quality is usually very good as well. 
Jazz Recommendations
The best place I've found to hear a wide variety of old and new jazz is Mainstream Jazz with Bob Parlocha. You can access it on jazz88fm.com. This is a public radio station in Minneapolis that plays mostly jazz. 
Wadia upgrade - Levinson or Naim?
Send your 830 to Great Northern Sound for reference mod package. You're not going to believe the sound improvement! 
Audio Alchemy DTi Pro 32 - Any Good?
I've owned all this stuff. The Pro Drive is a very good unit and can probably be used successfully with any DAC. The DTI Pro 32 and DDE v.3 are a pain, basically junk. They sound pretty good WHEN they are working and connected with IsqS. But I wou... 
Review: Dunlavy Audio Labs SC-IV Speaker
I've owned the SCIV and now own a pair of SCIVAs. IMO: The IVAs are dramatically better in every respect. I feel the overall integration of the drivers and subsequent coherence is the most marked improvement of the IVA over the IV. This is probabl...