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How do you tell your Cartridge needs replacing?
Thank you for all the great advice. Sounds like since I am concerned then I should just go ahead and get another cartridge before I regret not doing so. Now I get to research what I shall purchase. Thanks again.   
How do you tell your Cartridge needs replacing?
@jasonbourne, can you recommend a cost effective microscope to do the job? Also how do I know what acceptable is in regards to the health of the stylus? Also would I have to remove the cartridge to examine? Sorry but never done this before.  
Supper's Ready
@paulg1966 . Thank you for bringing up the retro-Prog Neo Prog genre. I was confused about the categories of music until I heard about retro-Prog Neo Prog. I suspect that refers to those dudes in The Big Lebowski though I could be wrong???  If I a... 
Supper's Ready
Thanks Larsman. I will look for that. I just love that genre. It is funny. When I was a young boy, I would tape songs such as this off the radio. It was a hand held tape recorder so I would put it just outside the speaker. I would then listen to m... 
Smart buying buying a preamp with tubes anot avail except as made by preamp manuf?
What are you talking about?  C'mon man, you can't just post stupified posts about nothing!  if you have a problem with a particular manufacturer then make it known. If you are just doing silly high games then make it known! Don't waste our and the... 
Seeking advice for speakers for my Family Room
The floor is a problem.  I had a polished concrete floor that could not be overcome as wife would not allow any room treatments.  Had to move to another section of the house with much better results.  
Paypal Changes for 2022
Ok. Loud and clear? How about a little love for the government. They are simply looking to redistribute wealth from those who have earned it to those who have not. Pretty simple, I give my money from my stash to those who have done nothing to meri... 
Share albums where EVERY SINGLE song is good
Dig the Aja. Fantastic, but not in the top 3. Have to go with Boston's first. Every song is a hit and about as perfect as a studio album anyone could hope for.  Next would be Alanis Morrisette's "Jagged Little Pill". I can't imagine arguments on... 
Help with McIntosh Repair Facility
Had the same problem with my MA2275. Was one of the front dials that went bad. Actually the inner workings of it. My local repairman ordered a replacement and the entire job cost $200. Not saying that is what is wrong with yours as not familiar wi... 
Magico A5, Wilson SabrinaX, or PS Audio FR30?
I have a very similar room with concrete floors powered by McIntosh and I just don't know if you can get by without subs if you don't have horns no matter how much you spend.   
How do you get Happy as an Audiophile?
In high school, I had one those all in one units. Kept it shiny and doted over it. In college, I had a decent Pioneer system. Wasn't bad, wasn't great but it was somewhat close to a real system. Then I had a Honda Prelude with hail damage. Great c... 
trying to contact Albertsportis
Settle down Fonzie!  
Esoteric K03XD
I don't know anything about Esoteric products.  But I do know this, if a friend is offering you a chance to own a great piece of musical reproduction at a reasonable price, asking oneself how to incorporate that component may be more advantageous ... 
One big reason why brick and mortar high end audio dealers struggle.
My experience has been mixed.  I have probably visited 8 different brick and mortar stores over my years.  I think I have purchased 2 components from them.  The rest being through web sites.  My best experience was in Boca Raton where the owner tr... 
Advise for new speakers for my basement exercise room