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Top two most important sound qualities
The most important sound quality is whichever one you feel your current system is weakest. Because that is the one you will be focused on. Also the reason for the constant need to upgrade.  
What does Nominal Impedance mean?
There are not many speakers those amps won't drive.  
Speakers sounding dull? MUST READ! The truth about speaker design!
What sounds perfect to one is not perfect to all! Everyone hears different. How many times does this need to be said!!  
Klipsch Jubilee & Klipschorn Experience
I have a pair if klipsch klf30. The room is 15x13 and sound great but if you like to listen at high volumes for too long you will start to suffer some fatigue  
MC601 power output
When you changed inputs was it same channel or same amp putting out less power?  
Proof of improvements in audio system sound quality....
In my experience most people working in audio stores are not as knowledgeable as you would hope. Remember they are salesmen not audiophiles!!  
Power conditioner wire gauge? Serious issue
Your power conditioner should say how much power it can supply. As long as you do not exceed that it is not a problem.  
Sound quality of new vinyl recordings.
If I decide to get a TT it will not be entry level. I do not want it to be the weak point of my system. I think I can get something good in the 2 to 5k range. For those who were wondering my system is mcintosh mc462, marantz av7705(only using in 2... 
Sound quality of new vinyl recordings.
Wow much more info than I expected. That is a good thing. I can stream from YouTube and sounds better than most cd's. I just want to avoid spending 2-3k on a TT and not use it. Guess I will have to do some homework and decide if I want to take a c... 
Sound quality of new vinyl recordings.
To answer viridian i was looking to go back to vinyl because i remember the rich sound of my old vinyl from the 70's. I fear i may not get that if they are copying digital to vinyl then i might as well stay with cd's or streaming.  
Sound quality of new vinyl recordings.
Almost anything except rap and country. But it needs to be a good recording. My system will expose bad recordings.  
World's Best Stereo System ?...
The best stereo in the world is whichever one that sounds best to you!  
Favourite Guitarists
At only 13 watch out for Taj Ferrant. Well on his way to greatness.  
I have found out why new cables and tweaks actually work!
If the air purifier also humidified or ionized the air would change air density and slightly change the sound but whether it was an Improvement or not is subject to listener preference.  
Too much power?
I have 450wpc but can still get great dynamics with less than 1 watt. Just depends on how well your components match..