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Don't do anything!
@dwcda - I can understand your skepticism.  What I am noticing is the system settling in.  The details become more apparent.  It could be totally imagined or maybe a mood I'm in- but as for now I am enjoying what I'm hearing and that's what its al... 
Half-Speed Masters - are they worth double dipping?
All my half speed masters are slow  
Is the idea of audiophile listening a dying concept as boomers die off?
The definition of audiophile is someone who enjoys listening to music.  The better the delivery system the better the enjoyment.  That’s not a Webster definition it’s plain ol logic.    
Thumper’s Mother
@immatthewj -  I dont think anyone complained about the word I used - it’s most likely an algorithm that instantly deletes.    
Thumper’s Mother
My original comments were deleted because of profanity- so let’s try again with the softer words so we can all feel warm and fuzzy!     here it goes: Most people are keyboard warriors and would not say half the crap they do if you were in person... 
Did anyone else disconnect thier equipment due to the geomagnetic storms?
I use a moon rock needle with the google phonic sound- no need  
Worst Speakers Ever??
Nothing beats the dominator!    
Anyone listen to entire albums?
When I listen to vinyl, I listen to one side of an album.  When I get up I choose a different record and pick a new side!  When I stream its playlists or for music discovery in which case I listen to the full album. I remember back in the 80’s wh... 
Looking for the next level in imaging...
All I can say is WOW!  Lots of good ideas and suggestions to work through.  It's why I love these forums!  So much to think about before you make a decision!.  I will say this -  the most intriguing idea (and I forget which responder/poster said i... 
Looking for the next level in imaging...
Lots of good ideas and suggestions as always.  Keep them coming.  To clarify my vision of image - I have the soundstage-  the presentation of instruments and locations. I’m lacking the 3D, the depth.  I have a little bit but know it can be improve... 
Turntable advice
IME- asking a question like that in this forum will give you exactly zero resolution to the question.  I suggest that you already know what table you want and are looking for validation of your decision.  Go with your gut!  It’s your rig you have ... 
I don't get it...Exile on main Street-Blue
Music is purely subjective. There are albums I dislike that are considered masterpieces- namely sgt. pepper and pet sounds- there are some good tracks but to me it’s not a masterpiece.   It’s an opinion not a flaw.  There is no right or wrong.    
Are You a Swifty?
As Paul Simon once wrote “ever generation throws their hero up the pop chart” and Billy Joel says “ and so it goes”  
Streamer/DAC combinations
My 2 cents- upgrade the power cord to the node and invest in the DAC. The node is just the server!  
Turntable Isolation
Solid Tech - feet of silence will solve your problems- worth every penny!