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Whats playing on your system today?
The Silent by Manchester Orchestra      
Recommend me a Class A Integrated Amp (or sound like Class A amp)
If you live in Singapore, you could visit Robert Lai from SG Live Acoustics He sells Line Magnetic wich is an excellent brand of tube amps and cheaper than your budget in some models. Maybe he can show you how good c... 
Two vs four subwoofers for music playback
Hi guys Thanks for the answers. I like very much the bass response I get from my current set up and room, but it took some work to get it. I think that I can try adding just one more sub and experiment with different locations and orientacions ... 
Question about byamplification
Question about byamplification
Thank you guys! Very helpful!    
Question about byamplification
Thanks for the answers. Yes, that's a good idea, but for now I would like to know if I can try byamplifing with the passive crossover of the speakers without risking the tweeters or the amps.  
Question about byamplification
Well, there is something I don’t quite understand. If I connect one amp to the highs binding posts and the other amp to the lows binding posts, the internal crossovers of my speakers will divide the frequencies at 2.5 Khz. So, what’s the point on... 
Better R2R DAC Recommendation?
Strecht your budget a little bit to get a significant improvement. I would say Audio-GD R8-HE Mkii without a doubt.  
warmest speaker cables you've heard?
If your system sounds somehow harsh, maybe you should start addressing the core of that problem.If you have a good music source (analog or digital) and decent cables, I wouldn't spend money on new cables. I would try different inexpensive tweaks t... 
Is usb reclocking necessary?
I have the SOtM SMS-200 Ultra Neo as streamer and the Wyred4Sound USB reclocker made the sound worse.Before trying USB reclocking, I would strongly advice you to get a good DDC (like the Audio-GD DI-20HE), before the DAC, mostly if it has I2S inpu... 
I live in Argentina and I've bought several ítems from China HiFi Audio, including my Line Magnetic LM-508 amp, with out ANY issue. In fact, the owner of the website, Mr Yong is a gentleman and he has always been very professional and fast in the ... 
Question about audiophile DC cables
Thank you guys. I knew Ghent Audio DC cables and I was thinking about buying from them. Maybe I will give it a try. 
Has anybody bought or heard a Chinese knock off amplifier?
Why buy a knock off top brand piece of gear if you can buy excellent gear from chinese brands with "incredible" perfomance price ratio?There are many very good chinese audio brands like Audio-GD, Line Magnetic, Cayin, etc. All of my audio gear, bu... 
Do I need bi amping?
Thank you. Very good info.I guess I will try it because I have the class D amp at hand and my speakers accept biamping. Just for fun, but I don't have high hopes. Valves are valves! 
Do I need bi amping?
Thank you. Clear as water