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Ultimate Turntable search...OMA K5 or ?
You help the platter with your hand and it takes about 20 seconds.   You can keep it spinning for the rest of the day or four weeks it doesn’t matter.   There is no bearing wear.    
Ultimate Turntable search...OMA K5 or ?
“I mean, not completely charmless like the congealed aluminium turd that is the american sound as2000,  but close.” Everyone has an opinion.   I happen to find the AS2000 quite beautiful.   There is a very refined simplicity and purpose to the de... 
What Does It Take To Surpass A SME V?
Raul, I have arrived at the music listening experience I want.   Thank you for your advice.   I was simply suggesting that the original poster try the vintage SME tonearm. They are easily available on the used market at about half the cost of an S... 
What Does It Take To Surpass A SME V?
There are measurements and there is listening.  People choose what sounds right to them.    
What Does It Take To Surpass A SME V?
Raúl, I compared the SMEV – 12 to the SME 3012R both on the SME model 30/12 turntable over a period of about a month.    I built a standalone arm pod so I could have both Tonearms on the same turntable. I could not use the vintage tonearm on the m... 
What Does It Take To Surpass A SME V?
I owned an SME V on a Model 10 then compared it to a V12 on a Model 30/12.   I then compared a 3012R to the V-12.   I prefer the 3012R.   It sounds more natural and less damped.     
Does Heavy Metal music benefit from a high end audio system?
Here is some heavy metal played on a vintage system: former, much more contemporary system of SME/Pass/Magico did not present this music in nearly as convincing a manner. 
Stylus-Drag..Fact or Fiction?
I started a thread years ago inviting people to upload videos of their turntables with the Timeline.  Lots of promises but no one took me up on the challenge.  Here is a link to that thread: 
Review: Pass Labs XA160.8 Amplifier
Thank you hthaller.  That was a very well written and informative comparison review.  You articulate clearly the differences you hear.  I also have all Pass gear and really enjoy my XA160.5.  I preferred them to the XA160.8 with my old Magico Mini... 
Magicos are chesty
My Magico Mini 2 and Q3 never sounded "chesty" to me or anyone who has heard my system.  I listen to a lot of vocals.  I do not have a lot of experience with the S series, having only heard the S1, S5, and S7 at dealerships, but the S5 mk2 at a re... 
Thoughts on VTA......
Raul, why do you write that azimuth always changes with changes in arm height?  I thought the SME V arms and their variants had a bearing offset angle that matches the headshell offset angle which solves this problem.  Older SME arms have bearings... 
Pass Labs amps questions
I directly compared my XA160.5 to a pair of XA160.8 in my system.   I preferred the .5.  It was more natural sounding in my system, more believable with a better sense of presence.  The .8 sounded slightly mechanical, artificial and somewhat flat.... 
Turntable Recommendation 15K budget Avid Acutus, Brinkmann, Oracle, Nottingham,,
Why isn't an SME 20/3 on your list?  I would also consider a Basis.  Both are suspended, are from serious companies with long track records and they sound excellent. 
I know Cdk84 and he lives just down the street. I will inform him of the recent activity in this thread. I know he has two SP10 Mk3s. I helped him mount his SME V-12 arm and Air Tight Supreme cartridge last weekend and he was ordering the correct ... 
Anyone HEARD the qol 'signal completion' device?
Has this technology shown up yet in car and TV audio? I thought that was an intended market segment.