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Point of diminishing return for a DAC
I would second the suggestion with a streamer and a DAC. Mine are 1:1 at around 1.000 €. In terms of diminishing returns it is worth noting that many more expensive DAC are based on another technology. Many DAC’s around less than 2K are chip-based... 
Want a streaming device without DAC in $1K range
+1 for Innuos Zen mini. Works Very Well and is Roon Ready. Don’t pick one that isn’t.  
Streaming + DAC questions. Please help this noob!
When I was were you are now, I opted for a dedicated streamer and a DAC. A key reason was to be able to control the music from my phone and to stream directly from the wifi and not from my computer - hence enabling to hear music and do what I what... 
Streamer recommendations
Innuos Zen is a good option. Comes in a number of qualities, so you can let your budget decide. I have the mini running Tidal and Roon. Very happy with that.  
$30K DAC in a $70K system - wise or ridiculous?
I recently attended a show where A high end dealer had assembled three systems, which were balanced in his view. In the 60K setup the streamer was Innuos Zenith at 4K and the DAC a 5K from Soulution. So that was apparently his view.  
Does the 'Buck' Start with the DAC?
To add: a good streamer certainly benefits as well as good DAC. Recently I attended a show where three price levels of systems where presented. All based on Innuos. Ratio DAC to streamer was roughly 3:2 in all systems. Personally I would like to g... 
Network Switches
I for one appreciate all the insightful answers and I have no need for people telling me that I my personal experiences are wrong. I bought, just for fun, a new Ethernet cable and much to my surprise the difference was clear. I do not understand w... 
Network Switches
Attended a High End Audiophile event in the weekend here in Copenhagen, where one of the vendors had the AQ SWITCH SE in all his 3 systems (a 15K €, 30K € and 60k € system (speakers, amp, streamer, dac, power plant)). I must admit I do not get, if... 
What's a really great Streamer/DAC box for just streaming Tidal?
I began streaming Tidal on my computer 8 years ago and wifi’d to an Airport Express connected to my HiFi. Upgraded to a 300 $ streamer and a 300$ DAC. Found it so good that I bought Innuos Zen Mini, which was a significant upgrade in SQ. Moved on ... 
New DAC or New Streamer or New Streamer/DAC
@Acurus, thx for your analysis. Interested to follow your T2 vs G2 analysis.  
Novice Question: Dedicated Streamers
My practical experience adding to the above: 8 years ago I ripped all my CDs and started streaming them from iTunes. Shortly after I discovered Spotify and stopped streaming my own CDs and did Spotify instead as Spotify also provided access to all... 
Power cord recommendation for a dac?
On a side note:  I recently purchased a 40$ Ethernet cable from Swedish Jenving (Supra). I bought it just for fun and was expecting snake oil. Much to my surprise the difference was very audible from the first second. Much clearer and a bit louder.  
New DAC or New Streamer or New Streamer/DAC
Just to clarify: one does not need a PC to use Roon. I have a Roon Ready streamer/server from Innous and Roon is installed there and works in principle like a Roon Nucleus. The Innuos has a drive, which I use for the few songs I cannot find on Tid... 
Streamer choices
Agree on first leaving Spotify. I am on Tidal using Roon through Innuos and into DAC. My set up works well.  
which network streamer without DAC?
I am having the Zen Mini together with RME ADI-2 DAC. Works very well. I use the Zen almost entirely for streaming, but I have a few albums on the disk that are not available on Tidal. Only complaint is that it is a little slow in starting up. May...