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Lumin Streamers
Lumin is over priced. Period...  
Bluesound Node 2 producing distortion and dropouts
Sorry to hear you are having problems with your Node 2. I have one I bought 6 years ago new, and it's been running like a champ ever since.  
Prospectives on Chi-Fi
Quality is not who does it, but how it's  done.  
Help me upgrade my beginner system!
13 responses and almost as many different answers. Find a reputable dealer. One you can trust and have him give you some choices and recommendations for an upgrade to what you have. Sticking all your money into one or two improvements may lead you... 
Food: What does the typical audiophile eat?
@stuartk , No worries. Was telling you this as more "tongue-in-cheek. True story about paper mill and grease proof lining paper. I'm long since retired and baking just brought back the memories of that place. Just kidding around, lol. I'm sure you... 
Food: What does the typical audiophile eat?
@stuartk, I worked at a paper mill that made grease proof lining paper to put on baking boards and sheets. If your bakery wasn't using our grease proof lining papers, you weren't getting the best flavor out of your bagels! Cheers,  
What is the proper loudness for listening?
I made and setup my system to sound very good at low levels. About once a week my wife will spend a day with one of her friends, and that is the day I will turn it up a bit. Not deafening, but a fairly healthy volume.  Those of you who constantly... 
How To Keep Cat Off Stereo Equipment?
Get your cat another kitten. She just might need a friend to keep her occupied!  
Denafrips FPGA Firmware Update
It is a costly move but you can replace the DSP module for around $350 with the new firmware already installed. You can swap the modules back and forth wth different sound tracks to see what the differences will be between updated version and orig... 
Denafrips FPGA Firmware Update
Most people I know prefer NOS mode to oversampling. Has a more natural presentation with larger soundstage.  
Anyone regretting Pontus 2 firmware upgrade
Irlacosse, The whitish mark on the chip shouldn't hurt anything. I have it on the chip in my Pontus ll also. My Dac is 2 years old and going strong. Replacement of the module with chip on it is expensive. The US. cost of that module is approxima... 
Thoughts about the "Cheapaudioman" on YouTube
Randy seems to be improving as he goes along. He readily admits his mistakes. I think he will be invaluable down the road to newbies. This translates to keeping this hobby alive. IMO.  
Dragonfly Cobalt cuts out after ~5 s.
Replacing it with the same unit seems like a mistake, in my opinion. Should have tried a Questyle M-15. Much better dac/amp. Better sound and $80 cheaper.  
Thoughts about the "Cheapaudioman" on YouTube
He has helped Geshelli Labs immensely, and doesn't get a dime for it. Good equipment at a very reaonable price. IMO. Randy does try to be helpful. If anything he can give you a good laugh at the start of an otherwise boring day!  
Thoughts about the "Cheapaudioman" on YouTube
Thanks to all who have responded to this thread. Great responses from all of you!