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Stupid class A question
A friend of mine had a Krell KSA-250 class A amp. It ran about as hot as any class A amp I have seen. After about 10 years it needed major repair from so many internal parts having severe heat damage. Althogh a lot of people would think that's a p... 
You might find some interesting differences/improvements by comparing R2R type DAC's versus chip based dacs. Increased price doesn't necessarily mean better performance. IMO.  
Denafrips FPGA Firmware Update
If it ain't broke,  don't fix it. JMHO  
Eversolo dmp A6 vs Master edition vs Z8
@mofimadness, Yes. I would like to know too.  
Eversolo dmp A6 vs Master edition vs Z8
I have the standard Eversolo dmp-a6 as I use just the streamer part. Aren't most of the improvements on the ME version done on the DAC side of this unit?  
Some new E-bay scams
You're not stupid, and your point is wrll taken.  
Some new E-bay scams
@autospec , Don't you think you'll be better off finding new suppliers and QUIT buying off ebay?  
My thermostat plays Jazz and I don't know what to think about that.
Erik, A Scotsman in a kilt stepped over a man's head while he was lying down and looking up. The man on the floor sat up and said to the Scotsman, "I always thought you were crazy, now I see your nuts!"  
advice for headphones?
Meze 109 pro. Large comfortable ear cups, excellent sound quality. Yes theywill do guitar.  
Why do you guys keep feeding this troll???  
Should I steer clear of class D amps
OP. For clarification,  class D amps are not "digital. "  
I am interested to update my 15 year old system !
If you are looking for a streamer, check out the Eversolo DMP-a6 streamer. For a extra $260 it is a way better choice over the Bluesound Node2.  
Why are speaker stands so expensive?!
I purchased a pair of Lovan steel speaker stands that were approx 28" high from audio Advisor that looked and were just as well built as Sound Anchor stands.  Granted this was about 12 years ago and prices have definitely gone up, but I got these... 
Denafrips Pontus II Clicks Or Static?
I have had this issue, but isn't frequent enough in nature to be a problem. At least to me anyway. The noise I get from my Pontus ll is a extremely soft low level pop, which happens maybe twice during a 3 hour listening session. While I would appr... 
Asking for members blessings on Nagaoka MP 300 purchase
Nagaoka makes great carts. My reference for MI and MM cartridges.