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Which area of components to spend the most $ on? Boy I was wrong all my life!
I have been buying high end speakers for the past 20 plus years.  I find speakers make the biggest difference in overall sound than any other components.  I usually keep speakers about 6 month and then move on to something new.  It is fun to try d... 
Merlin speakers
thanks for helping me out.  great speakers with just a wonderful sound 
In Memoriam: Bobby Palkovich of Merlin Music
Horrible news.  Bobby and I go way back.  I have had many of his speakers over the years.  He always referred to me as the Krell Cowboy because of my knack for blowing speakers.  May he rest in peace. merrill P 
I am looking for a shipper as we speak for 2 speakers that weight around 285 lbs total. I want to ship them on a pallet.Seko says they can not inusre them because they are used?any suggestions 
Old Krell vs new Krell amps...
Did you ever get your amp fixed and if so by whom? Did Krell ever offer any support? Do you like the amps? 
Any bad experience with wilson audio sasha w/p?
Hey Bo I think its time to put down the crack pipe 
Any bad experience with wilson audio sasha w/p?
I have owned probably 10 to 15 pair of speakers in the 10K plus price range. While most of them are very good in their own right, Wilsons have got to be right up there with the best if your listening to rock and roll. 
Any bad experience with wilson audio sasha w/p?
this might be a little off topic but maybe not. People are talking about a lot of Sashas becoming available in the near future. Where have all the watt puppies gone. It used to be there were many different ones for sale at any given time. Now ther... 
What are your general thoughts of B&W speakers
In all honesty The last ten pair of speakers I have owned all blew the doors off the 802's including both the nautilaus and the diamond series.I think the issue is most people who are just getting into the high end market like to hear the speakers... 
Speakers for Sansui AU-666
I just picked up some Bozak CS501-A's. I hadn't heard them in many many years. I hooked them up yesterday in my 2nd system and they realy have a very nice full sound. They really play rock and roll very nicely. I spoke wiht a Bozak specialist who ... 
What are your general thoughts of B&W speakers
Your concerns are exactly why I like buying used on Audiogon. As long as you buy your speakers right you can always sell them without losing your ass. If you try something and its not your cup of teas. Sell them and try something else. Until you g... 
B&W 805D2 or Magico Q1?
Comparing B&W to Magico or Wilson is just plain dumb. B&W is the speaker equivalent to junk food. Tempting to look at but empty calories. Sorry but sometimes the truth hurts. B&W's look good but when compared to other speakers in the s... 
Best speaker in the $5-10K range. Details below.
I disagree witht he statement about having to try things out before you buy. I have purchaserd over 15 pair of speakers in the past 7 years all over $5k and all but 1 or 2 I never heard until I bought them. I live in Michigan and there just are no... 
Best speakers in the 3000 -5000 range
I thought they stopped making Bose back in 1973 when Mattell came out with a crows beek stylus? 
Best speakers in the 3000 -5000 range
YOu might try some egglestons or Wilsons in that range. WP 5's and Andras can be bought in 4 to 5 range. Even the Sophia would fit that range. With the Sophia you will want a sub, expecially for HT.Also with those brands selling them used wont be ...