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Found a Milty Zerostat alternative
ghdprentice, same with me.  Constantly AFTER usings the Zerostat my TT felt matt sticks to the vinyl, and has to be placed back onto the platter. I also use it on the vinyl just before I use my carbon brush, hoping that it will make sweeping dust... 
Transparent Audio is anything but Transparent
bubba12 They have the right to run their business anyway they wish. That’s not my point. Since I started this thread, I have had a lot accusations thrown at me that have absolutely nothing to do with my original point/complaint. My point has alw... 
Transparent Audio is anything but Transparent
All of you. You all missing my point. Say what you do, and do what you say. Don't say one thing,and do another. Read the article. It doesn't come close to reality. 
Transparent Audio is anything but Transparent
So they are screwing over their lesser customers, which could very well be me. Because If I buy their used cables from a dealer, and later, rather than using the upgrade system, I go to sell them third party,Transparent will not verify them or eve... 
Knockoffs- how can they just advertise so easily?
ghdprentice, Hi, I have a very nice but budget minded system. More on that later. I recently purchased a new tube amp, Audio Hungary Qualton P 100. 1/2 of my pair of Audio Art AAC Statement e SC Cryo Speaker Cables didn’t reach the tube amp. Out o... 
Knockoffs- how can they just advertise so easily?
I was studying knockoff Aliexpress Transparent Audio speaker cables against the real deal. Identical. How can the get away with it?  
Thinking about switching cartridges.
Thanks everyone. That's what I wanted to know. Whether it was going to be an improvement or a sideways move.  I have seen many glorious reviews of the Hanna, but none about the Rega carts, all on their own. I have only see glorious reviews of the... 
Is my amp good enough?
I am pushing Monitor 300's with a 100 watt Benchmark AHB2 just fine. I agree that you should take the time to audition the speakers with the amp you have, before you upgrade.  
Warranty repair wait times - serious industry problem??
8 months get get back a  Rega Aphelion Cartridge. No one could give me a time frame for repair. I gave up and purchased a Hanna Red.  
I'm going to buy my first tube amp. I need honest blunt opinions
Looks like I will put this on the back burner till I upgrade my speakers. Thanks to everyone of you. You always pull through for me.  
Perplexed on how single driver speakers can cover such a large Hz range
  paradisecom, Thanks for your input. You cleared up my perplexed mind.    
KEF Reference 5 vs KEF Reference 5 Meta.
Why not call or email Kef directly?    
100% USA designed & made DAC
Benchmark. I love mine.    
Best DACs under $7,000.00
Budget friendly and remarkably good. Benchmark  
What is Your Opinion of Atmos Music?
I have but two ears. I like to listen as though I was at a live performance. Stereo, with the source filling in the soundstage in front of me. Who goes to a show a is surrounded by musicians?